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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Authors Note

Hi everybody,

I come to you tail between my legs asking for some understanding! :) I just got back from overseas, and after Alicia's note I felt like I needed to explain myself too! :P

Firstly I would like to apologise for my absence, and general neglect of the blog for the last few months...I don't really have much of an excuse other then I was feeling a little down with some money troubles, and then suddenly my social life got a lot busier, and suddenly it was time for my trip (Americans- you have a beautiful country)...Pathetic excuse I know.

I really hope people continue to read the blog and enjoy the dramas of Paris' life...I've a had a pretty set direction on where I plan to take the blog this year and I hope I can execute it...In saying ALL of that, I can't make any promises on how consistent my posting will be, sometimes it might be once, or twice a week others there may be four, I will try to keep you updated on my situation...Also I'm not sure how long I will continue the story...Like Alicia, I don't want to continue a blog with no clear direction.

Ok so please continue reading, and the new year = a new me...

I'm also sorry for the quick pace of the next couple of posts, I need to wrap it up! :) :) COMMENT & EMAIL ME PLEASE! :)

Love Amy.