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Sunday, December 26, 2010

I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!

Hey everyone,

I'm really sorry I haven't posted for AGESSSSSSS!!!!! I've had a tough month, my internet got turned off (broke student) but I've continued writing, so I will be scheduling the posts ASAP, just need to polish them a bit. I'm going to be honest it's not my best work, but I'm fairly happy with them (translate: there as good as there gonna get ;)) Again I'm really sorry, just to remind everyone I'm going away soon, but when I get home I will continue the story! Sorry again!

Thanks guys I hope I still have readers :(

Love Amy

Monday, December 6, 2010

Broken Bones

By Friday all my emotions were at boiling point, I felt excited that about representing the magazine, I felt fear for not representing it properly and I felt guilt for not being there for Nate when he needed me. Nate was cool about it but I don’t know I just felt like I was letting him down...Anyway Zoe’s been good on the nerve front as well; we’ve been practicing things to say and what to keep under our hats.

Zoe and I borrowed the dresses from The Fashion Cupboard; mine was this pale pink short dress while Zoe opted for a yellow maxi dress, we both wore heels, usually I don’t like maxi’s and heels but she looked beautiful. I kept my hair simple and chose a natural wavy look (that took about an hour to achieve) I also kept my make-up natural. Zoe’s hair was dead straight and she did a really subtle colour of eye shadow.

“You look sexy lady.” I said when Zoe walked up and planted a kiss on my cheek.

“Thank you, you’re not so bad yourself.” Zoe said with a wink.

We walked onto the boat showing our press passes and gliding past, I felt so important...

The event was a success we were both on point and shared information we could and played coy to info we chose to not divulge, generally we made a really good impression, some girls there were beyond drunk it was just embarrassing to watch.

My night was going well so I made a quick trip to the bathroom to check on the score on the game Eagles game, but my phone couldn’t get any signal on my phone so I had to wait until I got back to dry land, boo.

Anyhow we docked around 11pm, Zoe was giving me a lift home as soon as we got in the car my phone started beeping, I had 23 missed calls and 9 messages to say I was concerned was an understatement. I called Danny first seeing as he was the only familiar number that had called me.

“Paris, hey.”Danny answered.

“Hey what the hell’s going on?” I asked quickly.

“uh Paris its nothing really...uh Nathan, he broke his knee.” Danny said quietly.


“He got tackled when he was getting a mark, completely illegal by the way, and he landed on his left knee.” Danny said hurrying through the story.

“Oh fuck, where is he? Is he alright?”

“Umm his on his way home from the hospital now, and I haven’t seen him, I’m guessing his not gonna be great P.”

“Fuck, fuck, fuck....Ok, I’ll be there ASAP.” I said hanging up and briefly explaining the situation to Zoe.

I beat Nathan home but only just, Georgie and Danny were already there, so was a representative from the club and Lesley seemed to have made the trip up from the beach and it looked like she sped her way here.

“Oh Paris your here.” Lesley said looking relieved.

“Yeah, where is he?” I asked.

“His here.” Nathan said his voice coming from his entrance.

People immediately began fawning over him he looked more pained by this then his actual broken knee which had a cast on it, poor Nate. He didn’t even get a chance to relax, suddenly it was crisis meeting time, his manager and the coach were talking strategies, he’d be off his leg for 7 weeks, which was 6 games because they had a bi one week, it doesnt sound like a lot but but by the time he got back to playing and training to be fit enough again, it would be finales time and the eagles would have to get there without Nathan, which lots of people had doubts about. Nathan was extremely unhappy, and everyone was being so insensitive, it’s like they forgot he was a person for a minute and only remembered the brand, which to me is the pretty damn heartbreaking.

Sigh, I’ll post again tomorrow, I have to go take care of my boyfriend, seeing as no one else is planning on actually doing it.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Coming Home

In the weeks since the reading everything was going pretty smoothly, I had been to all of Nathans three games he played (they won two lost the third ), Georgie and I were getting on fantastically and Audrey hadn’t even as uttered by name as far as I was aware. Radiance was going well and we were REALLY busy but it was good.

“Paris, would you come here please?” Minnie called from her office.

“Sure.” I called back.

As I sat down in her plush office chair she began talking.

“Paris I was wondering if you please represent Radiance at the 2010 Magazine convention this Friday?” She asked.

My mind ticked over Friday, I had Nathans game this week, he wouldn’t mind if I missed it especially for this opportunity, I wasn’t exactly sure what it was but I was extremely excited to find out.

“Yes of course, I would love to.” I smiled.

“Ok great and you can pick someone to come with you from the office...” She said.

“Zoe I think would be great.” I smiled.

“I thought so...Zoe come in here please.” She called from her office, Zoe soon joined me and we caught her up to speed.

“So what exactly does representing the magazine involve?” I asked.

“Well you will be there with all other fashion and beauty magazines in Australia, you have to be careful not to give away too much but still seem approachable and happy to answer questions about Radiance.” Minnie explained.

“Great.” Zoe replied excitedly.

We went over details (Boat on Sydney harbour, sailing around) and Minnie said we can borrow something from The Fashion Cupboard (:O) to wear so it’s safe to say we were more than a little excited, as were leaving the office Minnie asked me to stay for a minute.

“Paris I’m very excited to see how you do this weekend, we need you to be on point, because in Paris you are expected to represent our magazine well.” She said seriously.

“I understand that Minnie, thank you again.” I answered before sitting back at my desk.

She nodded with a smile as I left.

Nathan opened his front door and I jumped on him giving him a massive kiss.

“Hello.” He said laughing he was still holding me close.

“Hello my darling boyfriend, how was training?” I asked before laying a few more kisses on him.

“It was good, hmm why can’t I get this welcome every time we see each other.” He said putting me down leaning me gently against his front door and kissing me.

“Hmm because then it wouldn’t be as special...” I answered slowly unbuttoning his shirt.

“I think it would be.” He said his hand going dangerously up my thigh.

“Before we take it to the point of no return, is Danny in?” I asked as Nathan was kissing my neck.

Nathan chose to ignore my question and keep kissing me, until I started pulling my shirt back on and then he snapped to attention.

“Uh babe stop...nope Danny his out with Georgie tonight I believe.” Nathan said pushing my shift to the ground followed by my skirt.

“Yay.” I said.

Nathan and I were otherwise amused for the next hour or so...

We were lying in bed after our marathon session, I was trying to keep my eyes open but I wiped.

“How many tickets did you want for Friday?” Nathan asked rubbing my back gently.

“Oh babe I forgot to tell you, I can’t make it Friday, I have this work function thing Minnie really wants me to be at, sorry.” I said turning around and kissing his hand.

“Oh that’s ok.” Nathan said but his face looked a little sad, I felt a pang of guilt at the situation.

“I’m really sorry Nate.” I said.

“Its fine, seriously will meet up after?”

“Yesssss, and I’ll check updates on my phone every ten minutes and tell you how sexy you looked running around the field.” I said suddenly now so tired.

The rest of the night was a blur of sex, food and more sex.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Authors Note

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to say a post will be up in a couple of hours, just editing and fixing and it up! :P So that'll keep Sweet Canadian happy! ;) Also thank you to anonymous for my spelling errors, much appreciated! ;)

Sorry I've been so flakey with posts, I have actually planned to spend part of tomorrow and ALL of Tuesday writing posts and I think in a couple of weeks I'll have enough posts to start wrapping things up! But you will have posts until the end of the year, probably longer ones and more frequent becuase I only have a couple more weeks to get it organised. Then I'll be taking January off from and BAM you'll have me back. Again I'm really sorry I've been so careless with the blog, I really appreciate all of you reading and I hope you continue to keep reading in the New Year.

Love Amy

Goose Bumps

Zoe and I both turned our heads, my skin covered in goose bumps I don’t know why we were acting such weirdos.

“Excuse me ladies, would you like a psychic reading?” A friendly looking
woman asked.

“Ummm,” I hesitated.

“Sure.” Zoe chimed in excitedly.

“Ok great, follow me.” She said taking her time to look us both up and down. Now I’ve never been that into psychic, but my mum was, so as a result I’d end up going with her, I found it really interesting, but that’s about all I got out of it. The woman led us around the corner to a purple painted door with the name Susan’s psychic printed on the front; I wondered why she chose to call out after us.

“How much will this cost?” Zoe asked as we walked through the door. As soon as I did I was confronted with a room full of purple, it looked like a stereotypical psychic office, but Susan herself looked just like every other commuter after work. The desk that separated us from her was had no embellishments, behind Susan there were a couple of photos, beaches mainly, some with lovers holding hands, I guess it made sense we were right across the road from the beach.

“I’ll do a free reading today, I saw you two at the cafe and our both looked a little lost.” She smiled friendly.
I raised my eyebrows at Zoe and she gave me a little smirk.

“Ok who’s first?” Susan asked as we were getting comfy on her

I shook my head at Zoe and she jumped in, “I’ll go.”

“Do you want your friend to stay?” Susan asked and Zoe nodded.

“Ok so, your name sweetheart?” Susan asked.

“Zoe.” She answered.

“Hmm ok Zoe, now you clearly work in fashion.” She answered.

Zoe’s mouth gaped, “I work at Radiance, how’d you know?”

“Umm well your dressed lovely and you were carrying around a stack of magazines.” Susan answered smiling, I laughed out loud and Susan joined it.

“Oh right.” Zoe smiled.

“Ok so you have had a pretty up and down year, there was a man in the picture, I believe you perhaps thought he was going to be a serious relationship but that ended painfully.” Zoe’s face was full of shock at that point, I was wondering if Susan would be able to play off people’s reactions or she genuinely knew.

“Hmm he is quite a selfish young man but he will grow out of it and be very happy by the time his 30, just not with you.” Susan smiled sweetly.

“Good.” Zoe said quietly.

“What else, well the young man in the picture now, he genuinely cares for you, but he is also a little selfish, it’s something you both can work through but it will be hard, I believe in the end this man is the one you will end up with, even if obstacles get in your way, hmm his name is fairly appropriate to getting through this...I can’t quite get it...Breaker, that’s it.” Susan said through closed eyes and a satisfied smile. “Break through the challenges and you will be happy.”

Zoe’s mouth was wide with shock, as was mine, how did this woman know?

“Any questions you’d specifically like to ask?” Susan said.

“Umm what about me job? How will that be in the New Year?” Zoe asked.

“Hmm some extreme challenges face you, you are getting a promotion, yes?” Susan asked for conformation.

“Yes, I am.”

“Ok well it will be difficult but there will be many people to help you through.”

Susan talked for a bit longer, mostly about Zoe’s family and how happy they would be in the New Year, she also predicted a health scare for a female in her but in the end it will all work out in the best outcome, whatever that means.

“Hmmm so your turn love?” Susan smiled sweetly in my direction.

“I guess so, Paris.” I said smiling while introducing myself.

“Hmm ok Paris let’s see...” Susan was quiet for a long time before starting, I looked panicked at Zoe who gave me a reassuring look. “Well your boyfriend plays some sort of sport does he?”

“Yes, football.” I answered.

“Well I’m not sure how much longer he will be playing; challenges are going to face you in the next few months, big unavoidable challenges in your relationship that will change both of you forever. I can’t see what exactly but I know this time next year nothing will be the same.” Susan answered.

I looked at her puzzled, “What?” I asked panicked, I loved my life now, I didn’t want anything to change besides the pervy paparazzi that have taken to following me around.

“Unfortunately your future isn’t as clear to me as Zoe’s was, which means you still have some pretty important decisions to make and it will probably be very soon that your faced with these decisions.”

“Ok.” I whispered.

“I have only one bit of advice for you, the only certainty in your life at the moment, is if you take all the opportunities your career offers you then you will excel beyond any dream you’ve had.”

Susan then wrapped up the reading, she had scheduled appointments coming through and needed to time to cleanse the room or something. I didn’t know what to make of the reading, Zoe got such a clear accurate reading and it seems like mine was just a lot of jumbled words trying to make me scared, Nathan and I are fine, I’m doing wonderfully at my job and I have nothing to worry about.

I wish I wasn’t so sure about that, or what came next maybe wouldn’t have been so hard to deal with.