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Friday, October 29, 2010

Game Day

So Nathan also failed to mention his entire family was coming up to Sydney to watch his game, Georgie and I cleaned out the spare room but most of them were staying at Nathans and Danny’s because they are at the hotel anyway club rules apparently, of course I know all of this because of Georgie, Nathan and I still haven’t talked, so we managed to get Jake, Chelsea, Belle and Matt, we have like no room in our apartment for everyone but we are surviving, Nathans place had Martine (argh), West, Lesley and Brad, apparently there all going out for dinner after the game, I was asked by several people to go (just not by Nathan), so I had told them all politely that I already had plans. Georgie decided we all were going out on Friday, seeing as Nathan and Danny were already at the hotel, the older people were happy to stay in but we all went for dinner and then to a club.

We got to Mishca (club) around 11pm, it was awesome, the bar was the theme of the 70’s like an old diner, but everything else looked fairly modern, it looked so out of place that it was cool.

“So what did my brother do now?” Chelsea asked whispering in my ear over the loud music.

“haha it wasn’t just him that did things.” I whispered back.

“Hmm, ok anyway, how’s work?” She asked taking a sip of her cocktail.

“Yeah pretty good, I’m actually being sent to Paris sometime between Christmas and New Year for about three months!” I said excitedly.

“That’s awesome, congratulations!” She smiled and ordered a round of drinks on her.

Jake came and sat next to me a while later,

“So why aren’t you coming tomorrow, real reason?” He asked taking a swig of beer.

I sighed loudly before explaining, “He didn’t tell me about it, and when he did he said he doesn’t want me to come.”

“Ouch.” Jake added.

I shrugged my shoulders, “That wasn’t even what the fight was about, it was about communication.” I said using ginger quotes.

“Oh the Ye Old communication battle, Nate’s not one exactly an open person a lot of the time.” Jake said.

“Hmm I’m just trying not to think about it, it just sucks.” I said and

Jake pulled me in for a quick hug.

Then we all decided just to dance, well it was mostly me, Chelsea and Belle, we had a little too much to drink, ok a lot to much to drink...We were dancing for a solid hour without a break, every time a guy got a little close to us Matt (Belle’s husband) came over and made it clear she wasn’t available without being rude. Belle told Chelsea and me all about her Tahiti honeymoon, it sounded amazing, they swam and ate and generally had an amazing time together, she didn’t fail to mention the copious amounts of sex that they were having (STILL) either...

Just after 2am Georgie coaxed me, Chelsea and Belle into a taxi and the boys followed in one of their own.

“PARIS, pleasssse come to the game tomorrow.” Chelsea slurred.

“I want to, I really do but I can’t.” I replied also slurring.

“You and Nathan are good together, I like you Paris.” She said with drunken affection.

“Chelsea I like you too!” I said as she hugged me.

We all fell into bed, somehow Chelsea and I ended up sharing my bed, everyone woke up about 9am, kick off was 2pm but they were planning to get there about 12 which is apparently pretty standard for the first game of the season, I however was moping around the apartment feeling sorry for myself and trying not to vomit.

“Are you sure you can’t come?” Jake asked me once more as we were eating breakfast.

I shook my head to afraid to open my mouth in case I puked.

“He’d love it if you were there.” Matt added.

“No he wouldn’t, see he actually invited you guys, I was told three days ago by Danny...he doesn’t want me there and if he doesn’t want me there I don’t want to be there.” I said getting up and cleaning the kitchen from the breakfast mess, I could hear their conversation that ensured after I left.

“He is such a freakin’ idiot sometimes.” Belle muttered loudly.

“I know, he finally gets a nice girl, and he is going to fuck it up.” Chelsea said.

“I’ll chat to him tonight.” Jake added.

Suddenly then Florence and the Machines blasted through my phone, it was Nathans personal ringtone, after the wedding we had changed it, it was like our own sexy inside joke.

I walked into the bathroom and shut the door; I answered the phone on the third ring,

“Hello?” I answered.

“Paris, hey.” Nate answered there were loud voices booming out of the background.

Then it got a little awkward, both of us didn’t know what to say, I figured if he called me he’d have some sort of script to follow, like us woman when we call a boyfriend after a fight.

“Good luck today Nate.” I said quietly.

“Argh...I know we have to talk about our stupid fight, but I really need you to be here today, I know I’m a massive ass, but I really, really need
to know your here.” He practically begged, he sounded really nervous...

“Nathan I -,” I started to say but I was cut off.

“Please Paris? Please?” He begged and my eyes filled with tears at the sound of his desperation.

“Ok, I’ll be there.” I said.

He breathed a loud sigh of relief, “Thank you and I promise we can talk after the game.”

We finished the conversation then, so it looks like I’m going to the football. Sigh.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Flight or Fight?

“So have your gotten tickets to the game yet?”Danny asked me and Nate gave him very wide eyes.

“Arrr no, was I supposed to?” I asked confused, my eyes flicked between Danny and Nathan.

“Well the first game is on Saturday, so yeah you probably should.” Danny said finally realising the tension that was developing between Nathan and me.

Nathan, Danny, Georgie and I were having a celebratory dinner over our new roommate situations; we ordered Chinese and were just sitting in front of the TV waiting for the movie we ordered to start.

“Uh well I didn’t know about it so obviously I’m not welcome.” I said a little harshly, Danny was giving Nathan an ‘I’m sorry dude’ look. I got up and dumped my plate in the sink, a little childish I know. But why didn’t Nate want me there?

There was awkward whispers coming from the living room, I could hear Georgie getting angry at him in hushed tones and he was trying to explain himself in exactly the same manner, she wouldn’t let him get a word in...
I walked into Nate’s room to finish packing up my things. Nathan walked in soon after and shut the door behind him.

“Paris I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” He said.

“Seriously Nathan, you NEVER communicate ANYTHING.” I said.

“I didn’t know how to tell you.” He said looking down.

“What, you didn’t know how to tell me you don’t want your girlfriend of three months at your first game? Well don’t worry too much your friend did it for you, like your sister told me that you were in Melbourne and your cousin told me about you growing with your aunt...there’s a lot of things that your don’t mention Nate.” I said angrily, trying to keep my voice level, I know it was a low blow about his family stuff but I was angry, and we really hadn’t communicated with each other very well lately.

“Really Paris you want to bring up things I’ve done wrong? Ok let’s get out your laundry list shall we? Hmm number 1 Brett, I warned you about him and then you’re surprised when he tried to break us up, there was Audrey all the shit she did, and your constant complaining about her...” He was really angry.

“Fuck you.” I said as I made a move to walk out of his room.

“No come on you said I don’t communicate now is our chance to start.” He said from behind as his hand reached around and shut the door.

“So what you’re sick of my constant complaining?” I yelled.

“I didn’t mean that, I’m just saying we’ve both been wrong.” He justified his voice raised.

“I never said you were the only one at fault...I meant WE both don’t communicate.” My voice still loud but I wasn’t yelling.

“Ok fine, I don’t want you at my first game, happy?” He said harshly.

“Overjoyed.” I said as I gave him a sarcastic smile and walked out to the living room.

“Georgie can we go, or do you want to stay?” I asked as I was gathering up my stuff.

“Nope we can go.” She answered quickly, giving Danny a quick kiss on the cheek and following me.

“See ya Danny.” I said just as Nathan was walking out of his room, his face stormy.

Ok so Nathan and I currently aren’t talking, and obviously I didn’t just want to hear he didn’t want me at his game but why. I really don’t care that he didn’t want me there, he probably has reasons but he WONT talk to my about it, that’s the problem, I would have been happy to sit at home cheering him on in front of the TV, but I want to know WHY I have to? Clearly there are more problems in this relationship then I thought.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Serious Sweetness

“Hmm I’m going to miss waking up next to you like this.” Nathan said, he was spooning me and being all cute and sweet this morning.

“It’s ok; you’d get sick of me anyway.” I said.

“Unlikely.” He whispered into my ear, and his hands travelled up to my thigh, so that’s why he was being so sweet.

“No, no, no mister, no sex today.” I said pulling his hand away.

“What, come on?” He said.

“Nope, I scream like a banshee apparently, so no sex until Danny’s not here, and your both getting up to go to training anyway...”

“Come on he was kidding...” Nate said as he was nibbling my neck and again his hand travelled up my thigh.

“Stop please.” My voice cracked and came out more like a moan, which Nathan took as a positive sign.

“Nathan.” I said feebly trying to stop him.

I gave up he was going to win anyway...;)

“The place is absolutely gorgeous.” I said as soon as I stepped into Georgie’s apartment.

As I suspected when I first saw the outside, it was very sex and the city, it was way more understated then my Audrey’s apartment, no door man or gym but it was lovely. It was still close to my work and public transport was nearby. I’ll try to give a bit of a verbal tour, you walk into the front door (red...soooo cute) and there a very short hallway and a very small entrance way with this lovely glass table with a beautiful vase, anyway you walk a little further up and the kitchen is on the left, and on the right is a big living area, and a very large window with a little seat under it. Upstairs there are three bedrooms, two were the same size and the third was significantly smaller, Georgie showed me my room, her bedroom has its own bathroom so I get mine own as well.

“So do you want to be my roommate?” Georgie asked after she had given me a tour and we were sitting down having a coffee in her modern kitchen.

“I would love to move into your apartment.” I said excitedly.

“Our apartment.” She corrected, ahhh she’s a sweetie.

“ do you want to lay down any ground rules?” I asked.

“Uhhh nope...You?” She asked.

“Nope! Yay we’re going to be roommates!” I squealed!

“Well you can move yourself in whenever!” She said.

Then we just talked about formalities, when the rents due, the bond, the
bills all that jazz! I’m really excited about living with Georgie, she is so easy to get along with, and I need someone that I can have fun with especially after not only losing a roommate but one of my best friends.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Moving On

I stayed at Nate’s tonight, we were an extremely ‘coupley’ and ‘disgusting’ according to Danny, we also invited Georgie invited for dinner, Nate and I hadn’t both hadn’t seen her for ages.

“GEORGIE!” I yelled as I opened Nathans front door.

“PARIS!” She yelled back, she looked flippin’ hot, and I was about to find out why.

“You look really hot.” I said as she handed me some champagne and kissed my cheek.

“Thank you, you’re not looking to bad yourself.”She was just being nice, my hair was a mess, as was my face and I was really close to giving up completely and chucking on trackies.

“Haha, thank you.”I smiled.

We walked through to the kitchen we’re Nate was cooking a delicious stir-fry, god he looked so sexy when he cooked, he was all in control and his cheeks were a little red from the heat and arrgh he looked freakin hot.

“Hey.” Georgie said as she put her bag down on the counter.

“Hey.” Danny and Nate said in unison, Danny was sitting on the couch flicking channels and barely looked up.

Georgie went and sat next to Danny, when he finally looked at her, his eyes were wide with shock at her appearance; she was obviously smitten with him, that’s why she looked so good tonight.

I wrapped my arms around Nathans back while he was fiddling at the stove.

“Hmm baby that smells awesome.” I said.

“Thank you, this is kind of cool don’t you think?” He asked.

“What?” I asked running my hand up and down his toned stomach under his shirt.

“Us hanging out, cooking together, having people over for dinner, it’s awesome.” He said as he spun around.

“It is nice...wanna know a secret?” I asked.

“Hmm?” Nathan said as he pulled me even closer and kissed my nose.

“I kind of like you.” I said kissing him.

“...You go alright too.” He smiled and turned around to stir the dinner.

Danny and Georgie were laughing about something and his body was completely turned toward her, she was loving the attention, I had read enough magazines (and wrote enough articles) to know that they had some serious chemistry. Nathan dished up the food soon after and we all chatted easily.

“So why is there tonnes of boxes piled up in the hallway, I thought you got most of your stuff moved in Danny...” Georgie said as she gracefully ate some noodles.

“Not mine its all Paris’ junk.” Danny said nodding towards me.

“What? Why?” Georgie asked.

“She got kicked out...” Nate added close to laughing.

“Shut up Nate, yeah Audrey and I got in a fight, and she told me to get out of her apartment.” I said snuggling up to Nate.

“O-M-G, where are you going to live? What the hell, she’s such a bitch.” Georgie said angrily.

“I have no idea, I looked at a place today but Nathan didn’t like it.” I said rolling my eyes.

“Because it was in the worst neighbourhood ever, and the owner looked like a drug lord...” Nathan said.

“He was fine, just a little handsy.” I said to Georgie, I could see her face ticking over but I had no idea why.

“So what’s everyone else’s news?” I asked.

“Paris, you should move in with me.” Georgie asked bluntly.

Nathans face was the pinnacle of confusion at that point.

“Uh are you serious?” I asked.

“Yes, remember agessss ago I said I needed a roommate and you’d be perfect, seriously you’re clean and nice, and you won’t be bringing home random guys...” She pondered out loud.

“Damn right she won’t be bringing home random guys, I think it’s a pretty good idea.” Nate added smiling at me.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“YES! It would be awesome, argh! You should come by and see the place, see if you like it and you can decide.” She said.

“That would be really cool! Thank you so much Georgie! Imagine if we live together, we’d have sooo much fun!” I laughed.

“Ok come over tomorrow, after work.” She said.

“Finally, I don’t have to listen to your guys having nightly sex marathons.” Danny interjected.

I went bright red and Nathan just shook his head chuckling, I hit him playfully still not looking at Danny.

“Argh you’ve made her all embarrassed Danny.” Georgie said lightly.

“Oh Paris I’m sorry, but if you’re going to scream like a banshee then I have a right to tease you.” Danny said.

“Shut up, I don’t scream like a banshee, your such an ass.” I laughed.

“Oh really, I could quote quite a few lines I heard last night, ‘Nathan you so-,” He said before I cut him off.

“Shut up, shut up, shut up!” I yelled playfully getting up from the table and making my way to the kitchen.

“Ok, I’m sorry.” Danny said he said putting his hands up in mock surrender.
Nathan was laughing out our little exchange, I think the only reason he found it so hilarious was his friend now knows what a sex god he is...

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Authors Note- ATTENTION J'et and Alicia! :D :D

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“WHAT SHE KICKED YOU OUT?” Zoe screamed after I told her the story, I managed to keep it together for all of about 5 minutes after walking into her apartment and I broke down in tears.

“Yep, I’m homeless.” I cried.

“Oh sweetie, I knew she was bad news.” Zoe said handing me a shot of tequila.

“I didn’t, she was my best friend, I have known her for a long time I didn’t expect her to say those things to me.” I said sculling the tequila.

“Unfortunately that’s just what happens, you outgrow people and that is the sucky reality of life. Why do you think so many people get divorced? Look the thing is your in completely different places in your lives, you’re getting offered internships overseas and she is barely getting published, I don’t mean that in a bitchy way they are the facts.” She said.

“I know argh Zo why are you so smart?” I asked.

“I have no idea.”

“Zo where am I going to live?” I asked shutting my eyes.

“You can stay here until you find something...I’ll look after you darling.” She said sympathetically.
That was the last thing I remember before falling asleep, it was one of the best sleeps I’ve had alone in a long time.

Work the next day, Audrey and I hadn’t spoken but I didn’t expect us to, I still needed to go and get some things from the apartment, like my bed and stuff but I’d need a moving truck, Nathan would probably help, I decided to go see him after work.

Danny answered the door,

“Ooo you look miserable.” He said in way of hello.

“Hmm, I’m ok.” I said walking inside.

“Nathans in his room.” Danny said as he resumed his position in front of the TV.

“Hey baby...” I said knocking on his door and pushing it open, he had an ice bag on his knee and was reading a magazine.

“Hey.” He answered.

“What happened?” I asked taking position next to him on the bed.

“Oh nothing much, just an old knee injury playing up, it’ll be fine.” He answered putting his magazine down and snaking his hand around my waist.

“Damn, do you want a massage?” I asked playfully.
He laughed softly, “Maybe later.”

“How was your day?” He asked.

“Hmm ok, I stayed at Zoe’s last night.” I answered.

“Why?” He asked.

“Audrey kicked me out...”

“What?” He asked shocked.

“Hmm there was a photo of Katie and her together, I asked her why, and then it escalated, we both said things and I am now homeless.”

“What? I don’t even know what to say.” He replied stunned.

“Yep, I’m over her...I need to find somewhere to live.” I said thinking out loud.

“You can move in here if you want...just until you find somewhere else.” He asked.

“uhh...are you sure?” I asked.

“Why not? We have sleepovers all the time, and it won’t take you long to find somewhere.”He suggested.

“There’s a big difference between sleepovers a couple of times a week, and bringing all my stuff here while I look for a new place...” I said.

“Yes but your only staying until you get a place...” He prodded.

“Hmm ok.” I smiled and kissed him gently.

“Good, and Danny can help me get the big pieces of furniture because he owes me...” Nathan smiled and kissed the top of my nose.

“Nathan I’m not sure what Audrey is going to do...I mean what if she prints stuff about you.” I said.

“Come on, she wouldn’t do that, you guys have had a pretty bad fight but Audrey wouldn’t do that.”

She wouldn’t, would she?

Monday, October 18, 2010


So this morning I turned on the computer at work and something interesting caught my attention, I was on an Australian gossip website and a photo of Audrey and Katie Santsee stared back at me mocking me, they were standing close together looking like old friends. To say I was shocked was an understatement...My mind flooded with possibilities, and I had lots of questions...firstly since when did Audrey warrant the kind of attention to be put on a gossip website, why the hell was she posing for a photo with KATIE, the woman spat on me for god sake!!!!!! My blood was boiling when I got home, I was irrationally angry, I couldn’t help it.

“AUDREY!” I bellowed when I walked in the front door.

“Mmm?” She replied from the kitchen she was baking cookies.

“I saw something interesting today.” I said.

“And that was?” She replied licking spoon from the left over dough.

“A photo of you and Katie Santsee.” I answered showing her.

“O-M-G that made it into A GOSSIP SITE?” She screamed excitedly.

“Yes, why are you hanging out with her?” I asked.

“I’m not hanging out with her Paris, I ran into her on a night out, she was pretty cool. I know you guys have had issues but I’m steering clear of it.” She replied.

“‘Had issues’? Audrey the woman spat on me and accused me of fucking her boyfriend while I was at work.” I said keeping my voice relatively calm.

“Well you kind of did, didn’t you?” She asked.

“NO Audrey what the hell? You know I would never do that!” I retorted harshly.

“Paris they may not have been together, together but everyone thought they were.” She replied.

“How dare you? You’re supposed to be my friend, as in if somebody spits on me and makes a scene you’re automatically supposed to be on my side.” I almost screamed.

“Come on Paris, aren’t we a little bit old to have sides, and to be honest I like Katie she was fun and not high maintenance unlike some of my other friends.” She yelled, and it was implied that I was the high maintenance friend.

“Really Audrey I’m high maintenance? Do whatever you like; I’m done with your bullshit.” I screamed.

“Well if you’re done with my bullshit, you can get out of MY apartment.” She screamed back.

I was left open mouthed; she had just kicked me out. We had had fought before but it was never like this, she had NEVER threatened to kick me out, I walked calmly to my room, sent a message to Zoe asking if I could stay at her place tonight and packed my bag, she sent back no worries. I managed to pack all my bags and a lot of little things that surrounded my room. I was moving on auto pilot all I could think about was getting out of this toxic apartment.

Seriously I was just confused I don’t know what’s going on with Audrey lately, frankly she’s a jealous cow and I’m completely over not knowing what mood she’s going to be in when I get home at night.
I walked out of my room and she was sitting on the couch eating some freshly baked cookies and watching TV, we didn’t speak as I walked out of the apartment.

I don’t think this particular situation was a friendship ending thing between Audrey and I but we’d both been waiting for anything to create some distance between us and finally there was something. Sigh.

Authors note

Hey everyone,
I'm so sorry, I suck for not
Posting!!! Don't worry new
Post will be up as soon as i get home! Like an hour at most, sorry again

Friday, October 15, 2010

How to Mend a Broken Heart

“So what he just came right out and said that I was using you?” Nathan said angry pacing around his bedroom.

“Yep...” I said realising that on reflection telling him probably wasn’t a great idea.

“What a tool, seriously if I see that guy...” He muttered.

“What are you going to do?” I asked a little concerned.

“Well, he will be getting a good talking to.” He said sitting on his bed.

“Oh baby.” I said giggling and pulling him in for a hug.

“No, seriously Paris he has no right, he doesn’t know me and he doesn’t
know us.” He said angrily.

“I know.” I answered waiting for him to get out all his complaining.

“I know the footballer stereotype, that’s not me. I’m not the guy that has sex with tonnes of girls or plays games and I am definitely not playing you.” He said sincerely.

“I know Nathan; we wouldn’t be together if I didn’t honestly believe that you were you.”I smiled adjusting myself on his lap.

“Good.” He said kissing the tip of my nose.

“Sooo where’s Danny?” I asked changing the subject.

“I don’t know, we moved most of his stuff in yesterday, god I hate moving it sucks.”

“Nate I...I’ve been meaning to tell you kind of a big deal I mean it might be... I’ve been...well I have been offered an internship in Paris its-”I said speaking quickly.

“Babe that’s amazing.” Nate cut me off.

“I know it’s pretty cool; the thing is Minnie said it would be for the next 3 months, maybe longer.” I finished watching Nate’s face carefully.

“Oh.” Was all he managed to say, his eyes dropped from mine.

“I know.” I said as Nate shuffled me off his lap and walked over to his bedroom door.

“Paris I’m really happy for you.” He said fairly genuinely as he opened his door and walked to the kitchen.

“Nate I haven’t decided if I’m going yet...” I said following him.

Nathan turned quickly looked at me through wide eyes as though I was crazy, “No Paris you have to take this opportunity.”

“I want to Nate; I really do but why now? Why couldn’t this happen before?” I asked.

“Because you’re amazing at your job now...” He said smiling.
I pouted a little bit and Nathan pulled me into him his arms and kissed the top of my head, “Don’t get me wrong, I am so excited it’s just I don’t want to go now!” I said.

“Hey if you only don’t want to go because of us, we will work it out. We can do long distance for 3 months, easy.” He said still holding me close.
Tears welled up in my eyes and I buried my face into his chest,

“Hey come on don’t cry, I hate seeing you cry.” He said.

“I’m sorry; you’re just being so nice.” I said laughing which spurred on more tears; simply I was a messy little Paris.

“What did you expect me to do?” He chuckled.

“Do you really think we could do the long distance thing?” I asked my head still buried in his chest still sniffling away and ignoring his question.

“Yep I think so, it’s only 3 months, and we already expected some sort of distance with me travelling for footy, this is just a little more extreme, don’t get me wrong it’s going to suck but we can do it.”He reassured me.

“I love you.” I said meeting his eyes for the first time since this conversation began.

“I love you too, and Paris I promise we can do it, you mean way too much to me for us not to try.” Nathan finished just as Danny walked into the kitchen, I wanted to say something else to him unfortunately we were interrupted, the joys of having a roommate.

“Hey guys, ooooh, am I interrupting something?” He asked as Nathan and I broke apart.

“Nope, all moved in?” I asked grabbing an apple to munch on and pulling a stool out to sit at the breakfast bar, and lazily started flicking through a magazine.

“Yep, moving sucks.” He smiled.

“It definitely does.” I decided I liked Danny, he was very real, he was a lot like Nathan in that respect didn’t really let his money or his status go to his head.

“So do you guys want to hang out tonight?” He asked.
Nathan looked at me and I nodded and stood up.

“Certainly do, we can help you mend that broken heart.” I smiled as Danny swooped his hand under my waist and led me to the couch,

“Haha, thanks Paris, now what’s the first movie?” He laughed as Nathan came and sat on the couch, we snuggled and watched some terrible movies, my vote didn’t count because the boys ganged up on me, hmm oh well.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How Could I be So Naive?

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Work was interesting today, after taking Friday off I had lots to catch up on, so I got to work very, very early.

“Good morning Paris, you here very early.” Minnie said as she walked in to her office and dumped the hundreds of pieces of paper she had, and walked back out to chat to me.

“I thought I should be after taking Friday off.” I smiled.

“Oh yes, and how is your gorgeous new nephew?” She asked.

“His beautiful, seriously I’m in love with him.” I said.

“I would love to see some pictures soon.” She winked as she walked into her office. I had heaps of photos of him, but Grace and Simon had yet to choose a name, she was leaving the hospital today so they had to come with something, I think they might name him Harrison, which I love! Oh well guess we’ll soon find out.

The rest of the morning I was very productive, Brett and I made awkward small talk while he was waiting for a meeting with Minnie. We hadn’t really spoken since the night he stayed late and I think he knew that Nathan wasn’t exactly comfortable with us being friends, I know that I told Nathan I would still be friends with Brett but it didn’t really feel right, not after our fight which we still haven’t really talked about. Zoe came in about an hour late looking terrible, she had a hangover and looked like she was about to vomit.

“Zoe what’s going on?” I asked her when we were out to lunch.

“What do you mean?” She asked.

“Well you have a hangover and it’s a Monday, how are you dealing with your breakup?” I asked.

Zoe sighed before speaking, “I saw him yesterday...hence the massive Monday morning hangover.”

“I knew it, Zoe. Where did you see him?” I asked.

“At my apartment...” She sighed.

“Did you have break up sex?” I asked my tone light but I knew the answer I would get.

“Yes, not just once either...” She whined. “I don’t know what I’m doing Paris, I break up him and he calls me and then we have sex, seriously it’s like where in the exact same position we were before we broke up its just there is no commitment.”

“Zoe you have to work out what you want from him.” I said.

“I know, I know it’s not a smart idea to keep going the way we are.” She said miserably.

Suddenly we became aware of a dark shadow standing at the end of the table, it was Brett.

“Hey Brett.” I said attempting to be friendly.

“Hey Paris, Zoe.” He smiled.

“Sorry to interrupt your lunch but can I have a chat to you Paris?” He asked carefully.

I hesitated but Zoe interrupted, “I have to go back to work anyway, I’ll see you both there.”

Brett sat down filling Zoe’s place.

“So what have you been up to?” I asked.

“Paris, why have you been avoiding me?” He asked directly.

“...I haven’t. Ok that’s a lie, I have. I am going to be completely honest with you, Nathan wasn’t exactly impressed with our behaviour at the dinner party, so I thought best to give us some space.”

“I knew he wouldn’t like me after that night...” Brett said a little mysteriously.

“Why?” I asked.

“Well we were flirting like mad, look Paris anyone can see there is something between us.” He said looking at me directly in the eyes.

“Brett, no. Let me make this perfectly clear, I love Nathan, he is the only person I want to be with, I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong idea it wasn’t my intention at all.

“I think you need to open your eyes Paris, I can’t see you and Nathan lasting much longer, don’t you realise what a fantasy this is? Dating a famous football player, who you have described sweet and funny and gets along with your friends, his playing you Paris and you’re just too infatuated to see it. Soon you’ll see, and hopefully you haven’t left it to long for us to be something.” He said with confidence that made me want to slap his across the head and throw my drink on him.

“You don’t know the first thing about Nathan, and honestly even if we need break up, there is no chance of you and I being anything more than colleagues, I would appreciate if we didn’t speak unless work related.” I said as I snatched my hand bag from the chair next to me and walked out without a second glance at Brett.

I knew Brett’s type, hell I’d written articles about Brett’s type. He was the kind of guy that thought of every girl as a challenge, and if he hadn’t hooked up with her he’d lost the game. He was the guy that went after girls with boyfriends to make his life a little more interesting, I just wish I had figured it out sooner...

Monday, October 11, 2010

Hard Labour

*Hey everyone, I apologise for the next couple of posts, I'm not entirely happy the next couple of posts but I needed to tie up some lose ends before I really get into the story! Wooohoo! Also its my birthday today! Yay! (Sorry again)

Nathan and I got to the hospital in record time, when we got there let’s just say, it wasn’t pretty. We practically ran into the room and Nathan walked straight back out again, without saying anything. Grace’s legs were up in the air and the midwife was checking how far dilated she was, I’m not going to lie childbirth is far from pleasant, and seriously the only beautiful thing that came out of the horrid experience was my brand new nephew.

“PARIS, I’m so happy you here, please lord, help me!” Grace bellowed from the bed.

“Hey guys how’s everything going? What can I do?” I asked.

“I’m going to get us some drinks, coffee Paris?” Simon asked obviously needed a little break from his wife who was in extreme pain. I think sometimes people forget about what the man goes through during his wife’s labour, like their instinct is to protect his wife or girlfriend and their lying in front of them is her screaming in pain and they can do absolutely nothing besides holding their hand.

Anyway enough of my poor daddies rant, my nephew is gorgeous, he was so alert and has these beautiful big blue eyes and oh I started balling my eyes out when he was handed to me. It’s like something took over Grace when she was actually pushing, like a sudden calm fell over the room and she looked so in love with Simon at the moment, and then he was here, my little nephew was in the world.

Nathan came into the room; he walked in carefully after his previous traumatic experience of seeing my poor sister with a doctor between her legs, I tried to explain that it got a lot worse after he left but he refused to listen to me. Nathan didn’t want to hold him he was to afraid of ‘breaking him’, but eventually I convinced him and I could see Nate falling in love with him like I had only minutes before.

Soon enough the nurses decided there were too many people in the room,
Nathan and I were tired so we decided to go back to my parents house and catch a few hours sleep.

We snuggled into my childhood bedroom, talking about everything.

“So this is your childhood bedroom hey?” He said as we were spooning in my single bed.

“It is.” I answered.

“So have you ever had any boys in this bed before?” He asked nuzzling my neck.

I had actually had another boy in here before but I decided to tell a little white lie,

“Nope, you’re the first.”

“Your totally lying right now aren’t you?” He asked, his hands travelling dangerously high up my thigh.

“Ok I did lie, but you’re the only sexy footballer that’s been in my bed.” I answered.

“Good.” He said pulling my shoulder towards him, so I was facing him, his lips hovering above mine.

“How can you be in the mood after today?” I asked my hands resting on his shoulders.

“I just think after seeing that, we should practise completely safe sex.” He joked.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Maybe Baby?

I got to talk to my mum today! It’s been a while, she’s in Ireland at the moment, she loves it apparently so does Ray, there not due back for another month, but mum was even talking about extending the trip, which is exciting for her, she rarely does things for herself so I’m glad she’s having an amazing time. I told mum about the internship in Paris, she didn’t try to give me advice she just listened to my complaining and my excitement about the offer.

Just after I hung up from mum I got a call from a very nervous Simon.

“Paris, Grace’s water just broke...”He said in a panic, I could hear him rushing around his house and Grace in the background telling him to slow down.

“Really? That’s so exciting! I’ll drive down tonight, is that ok?” I asked excitedly.

“Hurry up, she’s insisting your there for the delivery, I need you Paris, we can’t do this alone.” He begged.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can, I promise.” I said running around my apartment trying to pack a bag for a couple of nights, if I left tonight I would only have to take one day off work and then I could spend the weekend with them.

I had to call Nathan let him know I was leaving.

“Hey pretty lady, are you coming over tonight.” Nathan said his voice all low and sexy when he answered his phone.

“Hmm tempting but no, I’m going back home Grace is in labour!” I said excitedly.

“Really? Argh that’s exciting!” He replied.

“Yes, yes I know! Well I better go, but I’ll call you when I get to the hospital!” I said.

“Hmm ok...Paris; do you maybe want some company?” He asked carefully.

“Really? Are you sure you can miss training?”

“I’d only really miss one...but if you don’t want me to come I understand.” He asked a little quietly.

“No I really want you to come! Woohoo road trip!” I said laughing.

“Cool do want me to drive, I can pick you up in like half an hour?” He said.

“Awesome well I’ll see you soon, I love you.”I said hanging up and packing the clothes I had chucked on my bag.

Exactly 30 minutes my doorbell rang, Nathan was there looking so handsome, and Audrey was close behind him, I gave Nate a quick kiss and turned my attention to my roommate.

“Audrey, I haven’t seen you in so long!” I said pulling her in for a kiss on the cheek.

“I know, Nathan filled me in on the baby situation, will catch up when you get back.” She said giving me a wink.

Nate grabbed my bag and pulled me in for a kiss.

“Hey Aunty Paris!” He said laughing.

“Hello my beautiful, sexy, sweet boyfriend, I’m so happy your coming.” I said practically jumping on him from excitement.

“I’m happy I’m coming to, come on we have to hurry.” He said rushing my out the front door, Audrey laughing at us.

We were on the road and only made one stop for food, mostly lollies and chocolate it’s really not a road trip without junk food.

“So when does Danny move in?” I asked moving closer to Nate my hand sitting on his thigh.

“I think his moving some stuff in tomorrow, but he’s already claimed the spare bedroom.” Nate explained.

“You happy about having your space invaded?” I asked.

“It’ll be good to have a friend living with me for a while, it’s not forever.”

“Good I’m glad you’re happy.” I smiled.

“So what’s going on with you and Audrey?” He asked curiously.

“Nothing why?” I asked genuinely confused.

“It’s just she seemed a little cold at the apartment, I don’t know.” He
said stealing a quick glance at me.

“It’s been a little weird lately, I don’t know, we’ll talk about it when we get home.” I said.

“Good plan, you should get some sleep before we get there, it might be a long night.” Nate said.

“You’re so sweet Nathan Luken.” I said leaning on his shoulder and falling asleep almost straight away.

To be continued...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Authors Note

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First Impressions

The barbeque was well it was pretty interesting; Nathan picked me up around 5pm on Saturday and I was very nervous.

“Babe, stop.” Nate said as he put his hand on my knee to stop the shaking.

“I’m sorry I’m scared, what if ill the girls are mean to me!” I moped.

“Ha ha don’t worry ill take care of you...” He promised.

“Hmm ok.” I said as he pulled into the driveway and pulled me in for a big kiss.

“Nate I have to tell you something, it’s not really a big deal yet, it’s just I-.” I was cut off by a massive guy practically tackling Nate out of the car.

“NATHAN, MATE!” yelled a man I recognised as Richard Vermont.

“Richie, how are you?” Nathan said patting him on the back, as I got out of the car.

“Fine, fine and this must be your lovely lady?” he asked politely giving me a kiss on the cheek.

“Certainly is, Paris, Richie, Richie, Paris.” Nathan said introducing us.

“Nice to meet you.” I said smiling.

“She’s cute Nate, I approve. Come on ill introduce you to everyone.” He said swopping his hand under my waist and leading me around the back of the house where the party was, Nathan was following close behind.

“EVERYBODY, meet Luken’s new lovely girlfriend Paris, Paris this is everybody...” He said when we walked through the back gate.

The backyard was beautiful, it had a swimming pool off to the right, and a big patch of grass, the house backed onto this little river, the patio was beautifully decorated with fairy lights and a large glass table that looked onto both the river and swimming pool. The house needless to say was a big and beautiful. Argh, it was gorgeous.

Nathan’s arm quickly replaced Richie’s and he gave official introductions, all the guys were standing around the barbeque, my stomach quickly knotted as I saw the girls standing near the grass, all looking very chatty with each other, most wearing some form of heels and skinny jeans (lucky I had predicted such an event and dressed in skinny jeans and some wedges, and a floaty blue top.)

After all the introductions were finished and I safely had a drink in hand, I got chatting to a lovely girl lucky the girls weren’t anything like I expected, they were really friendly and welcoming, although there were a certain group of girls I avoided, I don’t know why but I’m pretty sure they were team Katie (Nathans ex).

“So how long have you and Nathan been going out?” Lilly asked.

“Um I met him in July and we have been dating since then, who are you dating here?...” I answered smiling.

“Uh I’m dating Lachie Barat, just over there.” She pointed to him and o-m-g he is was so beautiful I thought I might pass out.

“Oh cool, how long have you guys been dating?”I asked wondering only for a second if I was crossing a line.

“We’re entering out 3rd year together.” Lilly replied.

“Wow that’s awesome.” I smiled.

“Yeah it is pretty cool, we’ve had a couple of hiccups along the way but his always there for me.” She answered; I remember a few hiccups appearing in the gossip magazines, one involving Lachie making out with a fan in a nightclub where Lilly was about 20 metres away, needless to say Lilly went crazy and it was caught on camera, awkward indeed.

I smiled and nodded sympathetically at her, and felt someone’s arm intertwined my waist and Nathan plant a kiss on my cheek.

“Hello beautiful, sorry Lilly can I steal my girlfriend away for just a second.” Nate asked.

“No worries, good seeing you again Nate.” She smiled and joined another group nearby.

“So you’re having fun?” Nathan asked giving me another kiss.

“I am, everyone is nice.” I smiled pulling him a little closer to me.

“Good, what did you want to tell me before?” He asked his lips just inches from mine.

“Nothing...not important it can wait.”Yes I admit it, I chickened out of telling him about Paris.

“Are you sure?” He asked watching my curiously.

I nodded and he pulled me in for another kiss, before we heard Richie yelling at us.

“Guys get a room; no-one needs to see that!” He yelled his tone light.

“Sorry...”Nathan called out, but his eyes didn’t leave mine.

“I’ve gotta tell you something...please don’t be mad.” Nate said.

“What is it?” I asked a little worried.

“Ok so Danny,” He said pointing over to the group of guys, “just broke up with his girlfriend like last night, and he was wondering if he could stay with me for a little while, just until he finds a place and stuff, and I said yes, I hope that’s ok.” He rushed through his little speech; he was so cute when he was nervous.

“Babe it’s not my place it’s completely your decision and I think it’s very cool you’re looking out for your friend.” I said giving him one more, quick kiss before he dragged me over to the guys table to introduce me to Danny.

The rest of the afternoon was pretty fun, I met a couple of lovely girls and most of the guys were nice albeit some were a little sleazy. Who knew that Nathan would end up with a new roommate by the end of the barbeque? This should be very interesting.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

*Hey everybody I cant say I'm sorry enough, I forgot to schedule this post, and I was at a friends house. I didn't want anyone else to because none of my family or friends know about the blog! Sorry, sorry!!! There will probably be a bonus post this week, to make up for my slackness! Thanks heaps for being patient with me! Also sorry for the length of this post, its going to take me a while to get back into the swing of things! :D

I didn’t tell Nate about the offer, I don’t know why, I guess I’m considering it but I’m not sure how it will affect us yet so I have decided not to mention it until I know. Paris is my dream, it always has been my career focus but things change I suppose and my life has definitely changed in the last couple of months. Zoe and I decided we needed some serious girl time; our plan was to go shopping after work and then grab dinner.

“So what are you going to wear to your wag barbeque?” Zoe asked.

“I don’t know...Stop saying ‘wag barbeque’ it’s freaking me out.” I replied.

“Sorry...but come on sweetheart, you’re extremely close to being wag status.”
I let out a mock cry and Zoe patted me on the back.

“So did the sexy football player explain himself for not calling?” Zoe asked.

“No, I mean we barely talked about it, I know we have to but where not exactly the world’s best communicators.” I sighed.

“You guys should talk...You’re so good together but not communicating properly is the downfall of most relationships.” Zoe said.

I laughed at her wisdom, she just shrugged her shoulders and said, “I did a psych minor at uni.”

“I know you’re right, oooooo do you want to hear something interesting?” I asked changing the subject.

“I do.” She answered while lazily flicking through the clothes on the sales rack.

“Guess who was offered a three month internship in Paris?”

“NO really?” She squealed.


“Oh how very hills season 1.” She joked, “Except there’s no chance you wouldn’t actually go.”

I looked down avoiding her gaze...

“YOU CAN’T SAY NO TO PARIS!” She yelled.

“I’m not saying no, I’m just thinking about it.” I explained.

“Ok I have to call you P during this conversation cause its getting way to
confusing, P you can’t say no to Paris, you know what they say When Paris sneezes,
Europe catches cold, and it’s not just Europe it’s the whole fashion world P, if you want a career in this industry you cannot say no.” She said forcefully but kindly.

“I know Zo, I completely agree and that’s what I keep telling myself...we both know three months in Paris really mean six months or longer...” I justified.

“Look I love Nate you know that but you have your entire life to be with him, Paris is a once a lifetime opportunity, Nathan will wait and you know he will.”

To be honest I’m not sure what I’m going to do anymore...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Authors Note!

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