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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Interesting Offers

“Babe, babe wake up your alarm is blaring.” I heard Nathan say as I was slowly coming out of the best sleep I’ve had in forever.

“Hmm sorry, morning.” I turned around and hugged him.

“Last night was...amazing.” I said smiling at him.

“Last night was definitely amazing.”He said kissing my forehead. We were silent for a while before he asked, “Babe I forgot to ask you, did you want to come to this barbeque with the team and their wives and girlfriends and stuff on Saturday?”

I hesitated for a second, I had seen some of these girls in magazines and on TV and if Katie was anything to go by I was nervous, but I thought I owed Nathan at least a barbeque. “Sure...there not like all...crazy are they?” I asked, slightly terrified.

He chuckled softly before responding, “No of course not, there are some really nice girls around...and then there are so bitchy ones. But I’ll take care of you.”

“Hmmm, I’m scared. Any bet they will all be drop dead gorgeous.” I said.

“Not as gorgeous as you, seriously you don’t see it do you?”

“What?” I asked.

“How freakin’ unbelievably sexy and beautiful you are.”

“Shut-up you’re such a loser.” I said hitting him playfully; he shook his head at me, like he couldn’t believe I didn’t see it.

“So Saturday?” I asked.

“Yeah. It’s at Richard Vermont’s house, just near darling harbour.” He said.

“Really, well it’s quite an interesting bunch of friends you have Nate, seriously football superstars who live in the most expensive suburb in Australia.” I joked.

“Uh yes, I do roll with the rich and famous but really I am just a lonely boy looking for somebody to love me.” He said lightly.

“Do you think I could be that somebody.” My tone dramatic.

“You already are miss Paris Lorre.” He said as he kissed me nose and I smiled at him.

“So should I bring anything? How do your people barbeques work?” I asked.

“Well we tend to all look ridiculously good, invite paparazzi, do interviews, have a threesome with your mate’s wife and her friend, you know the usual.” He joked.

“Haha, so funny Mr. Luken. How am I supposed to know what goes on?”

“Their normal people Paris just like me and you. Will sit down and chat and have a couple of drinks, etc.” He explained.

“Ooook, thankyou my darling boyfriend. But I better go, I do actually have to go to work today, when do you have practice next?” I asked.

“Have a practice at 2pm today; we never have afternoon practices it’s really weird.”

“Well I should be letting you sleep in.” I said as I attempted to get out of bed.

“No, come on just be a little late, your my little hot water bottle.” He said as he
playfully pulled me back under the covers.

“Well I would love to, but seeing as your ex-girlfriend spat on me and told everyone that we were having sex while you guys were together, I need to try not to fuck up again, at least for a little while.” I laughed, Nate didn’t, I realised that this was still pretty fresh for him.

“I’m sorry Nate I shouldn’t have said that. But it’s not your fault, it was sucks but it’s over and I’m the one that gets to snuggle up to you at night.” I said smiling.

“I just hate that she did that, seriously Paris you didn’t deserve it. She should be taking it out on me if anyone.”He said.

“This is officially not an issue anymore, I’m tired of complaining about it, it happened it sucked, and it’s over.” I said finally.

“Ok we’re done talking about.” Nate said finally.

“PARIS, come in here please?” Minnie yelled from her office, despite the fact we have phones to contact one and other she insists on bellowing.
I walked into her office, “Hi Minnie, what can I do for you?” I asked politely.

“Paris, I’ve just had an interesting off for you.” She relied mysteriously.

“Oh really and what’s that?”

“Well I’ve just had a call from our sister magazine in Paris, they were wondering if we wanted to send anyone over to Paris, like an internship.” She said.

“Oh ok. That’s nice of them.” I replied.

“Paris, I want to send you.” Minnie said.

“You want to send me to Paris? As in Paris, France?” I replied shocked.

“Yes, I’m trying to persuade you to go to Paris.”She answered.

“Me?” I replied dumbly.

“Yes, Paris it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. Where not asking you to go forever,
I’m only asking you to go for a few months. You don’t have to say yes right now, the option will there until the end of the year, but I would prefer you to go sooner rather than later before your promotion starts.”She explained.

Immediately I thought of Nathan, and I silently scolded myself. I promised myself that I would never answer to a boy, and here I was being offered the chance to go to Paris and all I can think about is waking up to next to Nathan exactly like this morning.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Naming Game

“Why won’t you let me name it?” I asked. We were watching How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days, I had paused it after the infamous penis naming scene. It started out as a joke for me, but now I really wanted to name his junk.

“Because you will want some prissy name and then I will never be able to give you an orgasm again out of complete embarrassment.” He said simply, I needed more of an explanation then that.

“Babe, come on. You know that’s the worst excuse ever. We can name him whatever manish name you want, and you can give me plenty of orgasms!” I smiled.

He laughed, “No,”

“What if I promise to {Insert obvious sex act} all night,” I bargained.

I could see his face ticking over before deciding, “Nope.”

“Hmm fine, well you’ll never get to see salt and pepper again if you don’t let me.” I threatened; salt and pepper were obviously my boobs.

“Salt and pepper hey?” He laughed. “I have to ask, why?”

“None of your business...” I teased.

“Oh come on, you can’t tease me like that.”He asked, attempting to grab salt.

“Ok so it’s an awkward ex-boyfriend story that I don’t want to tell you, and you probably don’t want to hear.” I said honestly.

“As far as I know you were a virgin before you met me, so I assume your tah-tahs got their nick name from some wholesome fun in church...” He said his tone light and joking.

“Uh yeah, I was a virgin when we first got together; you gave me my first orgasm and have taught me everything I know today.” My tone matching his light and fun. He chuckled and kissed me deeply.

“Hmm, so what’s today’s lesson?”I asked moving to straddle him. He was quite for a minute studying my face; he moved a piece of my hair behind my ear, I began to get nervous. I hated when people stared at me, I got all awkward and fumbled like an idiot.

“Stop.” I said quietly.

“Stop what?” He asked his gaze unwavering.

“Looking at me like that,” I answered going a deep crimson colour.

“Nope, as your boyfriend I’m entitled to look at you any way I wish.”

I made an attempt to move off him, but he held me close and with a quick shake of his head began kissing me. His hands found my lower back, and he was teasingly running them along my back, lifting my shirt slowly. Nate eventually removed my top; I was desperate to keep his lips against mine for as long as I could, and groaned when he pulled away, Nate just chuckled as I forced my lips against his again.

I pulled off his shirt soon after; I loved feeling his muscular chest presses against mine while his hands roamed my body he was deliberately taking it slow. My body responded to Nathan’s touch like it never had responded to anyone before, he was the most amazing and selfless person I’d ever slept with. His hands again started to roam, and he began tugging at my bra clasp, his lips stop moving for a slipt second while he worked out the clasp, a little giggle escaped my lips. Nate pulled back as a look of confusion filled his face, and studied my eyes before I claimed his lips.

My bra fell to the floor; I felt self conscious for second before I remembered that it was just me and Nate. His tongue started tracing my neck and he was picking a spot at random to kiss, eventually his mouth dropped down to my nipple, his tongue circling it like and pinching the other one with him fingers, a loud moan escaped my lips and I swear I felt Nate smile. The familiar feeling of butterflies took over the pit of my stomach; I was no longer in control. I ran my hand over the front of Nathans crotch as I attempted to undo his jeans; Nathan pushed my hand away and undid them for me, and then he laid me on the couch my legs still wrapped around him. He was now trying to get my jeans off, skinny jeans were probably the worst jeans to take off during a hook-up. He was tugging at them; his face was the epitome of concentration at that moment. He finally got them off; his hands slid into my underwear and could feel how much I wanted him. Another moan escaped my lips as his hands found my pleasure button. My orgasm came on quick then my legs bucking wildly, Nathan gave me a minute to recover, my breathing hard and fast.

I pushed Nate to roll over, and started kissing down his chiselled body, just as I was about to take him in my mouth. “No please Paris, I need...I-”, he couldn’t finish his breathing was rapid his desire obvious, but I knew what he wanted, and I was so happy because that’s all I wanted. I climbed on top, soon though we were both duelling for prime position, in the end it didn’t matter, we both finished in record time despite it being the slowest session we’d ever had.

Nate pulled me in close against him, and I had the best sleep I had in weeks listening to the gentle drumming of his heartbeat.

Friday, September 24, 2010


The rest of the week at work was brutal, because EVERYBODY was interested in what actually happened between Katie and me, by everybody I mean every gossip column, magazine and newspaper in the country. I was fielding calls and emails ALL week. I couldn’t understand why anybody actually cared about my relationship. To top it all off Nathan hadn’t even so much as poked me on facebook; I tried to call him once more but again only got his voice mail. I was miserable to say the least. So tonight instead of wallowing, Georgie and I went out for dinner.

“This place is nice, new?” I asked Georgie.

“Hmm, I think it opened last week.”

“So how’s work?” I asked.

“Pretty good, I’m going away to Brisbane next week to assist the producer with some interview.” Georgie said excitedly.

“Oh that’s so awesome. Any new boys on the scene?” I asked.

“Nup I’m still desperately, so how’s my loser brother going?”She asked taking a sip from her drink.

“Haven’t spoken to him for a week.”I answered avoiding looking at her.

“Really? Well I mean his in Melbourne with the team this weekend so I guess that understandable.”

“I’m sorry, where is he?” I asked suddenly very angry.
She shifted uncomfortably in her seat before answering, “Uh his in Melbourne with the team, he didn’t tell you?”

“No. I have tried to call him he didn’t answer. I’m such an IDIOT; I have been sitting at home pining over him and his in freakin’ Melbourne with girls probably just hanging off him.”I was seeing red.

“Paris I don’t think it’s like that, the coaches took them away. Like a team building thing, usually they take away their phones and stuff.” She replied trying to calm me down.

“When did you say he left?” I asked.

“Uh like 2 days ago, I think.”

“So what about the 5 days before that...he could have found away Georgie. Sorry I’m not mad at you, I’m just a little hurt.”I moaned.

“It’s ok you can vent to me. He really does love you Paris, his just an idiot sometimes.”

We both decided to go home after; I was in a terrible mood and just wanted to crawl into bed with a good book.

Around 2am I heard a knock on my front door. I thought it was probably Audrey, she always forgot her bloody key. I opened the door to Nate with an extremely sheepish look on his face. I immediately went to shut the door on him but he was too quick, he put his foot in the doorframe so I couldn’t close it.

“Paris, come on please let me in.” He begged. I did as I was told, and walked straight into my room and climbed back into bed; Nathan followed quietly and sat on the far corner of the bed looking at me.

“ was Melbourne?” I asked a little harsher then I intended to.
He sighed, “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”

I was silent so he continued, “I heard about what happened with Katie...I came home as soon as I could, I promise.” All I wanted to do at the point was hug him, I felt so incredibly alone. The tears suddenly started pouring down my face, I didn’t even realise I was crying until Nathan got up and wrapped his arms around me, and kissed my forehead. I didn’t even know why I was crying, I think it was accumulation of everything, from missing home, to missing Nate, to getting spat on.

“Nate, I’m sorry about Brett. Nothing would ever happen there, I promise.” I said through tears.

“Hey, please can we not even talk about that, I know you wouldn’t do anything, I was being stupidly jealous, it’s not you I don’t trust Paris it’s him.” He said carefully. “Tell me about what happened with Katie...”

I sniffled my way through the whole story and even managed to laugh about it at the end. Nathan was definitely not laughing.

“Paris, you shouldn’t have had to go through that. I’m really sorry.” He said.

“It’s ok; it wasn’t your fault Nate. To be honest I don’t even want to think about it anymore.”

Nathan and I fell asleep soon after, him spooning me. My feelings for Nathan were beginning to scare me; I was becoming way too dependent on him way too quickly.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Everything is Better In the Daylight

“I feel like someone just vomited in my mouth...” Zoe said while we were walking to work the day after Katie’s photo shoot and our excessive drinking fest.

I couldn’t help but laugh, “You are disgusting. Everyone’s gonna stare at us, you look like you haven’t slept in a week and I got spat on by the ‘talent’ yesterday.”

“Speak for yourself I look amazing.” Zoe joked, the irony obvious we both looked like death hit by a car and then run over.

We walked in to the office from major stares, Zoe and I parted ways and I sat down at my desk. Almost immediately I was called into Minnie’s office, “Paris, please come in here.”

I walked in and shut the door behind me; I had been practicing my apology all morning and was hoping it was going to be enough.

“Minnie before you say anything, I am so sorry. I honestly didn’t think she would recognise me, and I didn’t think she would get that angry, I take complete responsibility.” I said.

“Paris please, we all saw what went on yesterday. To be honest I don’t really care about your personal life, but I did want to check your ok?” She said sincerely.
“Uh, yeah I’m fine...”I said cautiously.

“Paris, I’m not your mother but I care about you and your career, you are one of the most promising young journalists I have ever met. I don’t want your personal life to effect how successful you’re going to be. So when you walk out of the office you’re going to look like I punished you and made you feel even worse, I can’t have people thinking I have favouritism towards you Paris, but I have great plans for you, if you give me your loyalty I will do everything I can for you.” Minnie said.

“Minnie, you don’t realise how much that means to me. I will do anything.” I said.
She simply nodded at me; I took that as my cue to leave.

I worked hard all day, about 3.30 I got an email from Zoe.

Subject: Oh shat...
You’re a celebrity? This was pulled from Australian ‘OK’ website!

“No, no, no our (least) favourite model turned T.V host apparently caused ALOT of problems at her Radiance interview early yesterday, but where would we all be without some Katie Santsee drama? Little Katie apparently flipped at the editors assistants, the one who is currently dating Nathan Luken, Katie’s ex. Confused yet? So are we. Katie said to actually spit on the young woman (gross); the young hottie has been identified as Paris Lorre, who was apparently told to leave the set...dayum! Although how can we really blame Katie? If a guy as hot as Nathan dumped me, I’d be bitter too!”

At least you were described as a hottie?

- Zoe

Great. Oh and I still haven’t heard from Nathan...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Authors Note!

Hello, hello,

I'm sorry I didnt post Monday, I went to school ALL day came home and went to work until 10pm, I was completeley dead! So instead of giving you guys a post today to make up for it I'll just wait to Wednesday! Soo I'm leaving on my holiday tomorrow! CANT WAIT! The posting should remain much the same, I'm scheduling the posts...The only thing is I havent booked a flight back, but at most the post will stop for a couple of days! :D

Alsooo keep those comments coming, vote on the poll! :D


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Missed Calls

“Hey you’ve reached Nathan. Sorry I couldn’t get to the phone, leave your name and number, I might just call you back.” Nathan’s machine rattled off.

“...hey Nate, please call me back as soon as you get this.” I said sniffling, and unable to hide my tears.

Suddenly I heard a knock on my car window, I jumped sky high, and then I saw Zoe smiling weakly at me.

I rolled down my window, “Hey.” I said.

“Hey, can I come for a drive?” she asked.

“Of course but don’t you have work to do?”I asked as she was getting into my car.
“Minnie sent me after you. She said she wanted to get this bitch out of here, meaning Katie.” Zoe laughed; I couldn’t help but join in. Minnie NEVER said bitch, so it must mean she was pretty angry.

“So I was going to go get some tequila and soap...and drown my sorrows, you in?” I asked.

“Certainly am.” She laughed.

Zoe and I were pretty drunk by the time 6pm rolled around; Audrey was just walking in the door.

“AUDREY. How was work?” I asked a little too excitedly.

“Uh ok, what’s going on guys?” She asked cautiously.

“Haha, well Katie came for the interview today, and she spat at Paris.” Zoe said
laughing so hard I thought she was about to ruin my carpet, I couldn’t help but join in we were both in hysterics.

“Um, what?” Audrey asked obviously not as amused as us. I just poured her a shot, and started explaining everything.

“So yeah...that’s what’s happened. My boyfriend and I know longer talk, everyone at my job probably thinks I’m some home wreaker and I got spat on by my boyfriends ex. Great day.” I said bitterly.

“Hmm, I thought my life sucked at the moment.” Zoe chimed in. “I broke up with Mark after your dinner party.”

“WHAT? Why didn’t you tell me Zoe? What happened?” I asked genuinely surprised, they seemed to get along pretty great at the dinner party.

“I just wasn’t really ready to talk about you. Well I was finally exhausted of being put last. Even through the dinner party, he was whispering in my ear about how we had to go, HE was tired and HE had to get to work. He was so driven at work which I really admire, but he was working 7 days a week.”

“Oh Zoe, I’m sorry.” Audrey added who was also quite drunk.

“Zoe, that sucks.” I said.

She got teary, “Honestly Paris, Saturday was a final straw because I saw the way Nathan looked at you. He looked so genuinely in love, I know he was a little angry because of that stuff with Brett, but I haven’t seen anyone look like that in ages.”

It was my turn to get teary, Audrey joined and we ended up in a group hug.
By 8.30pm we had all fallen asleep from our drunken and emotional night, now who said we don’t know how to party?

Friday, September 17, 2010

What Katie did next!

*Sorry this is sooo late, I was babysitting tonight its just after midnight here and I completley forgot...Sorry! :D

Nate and I were doing a perfect job of avoiding each other. I hadn’t spoken to him since we had the fight. I was in a bad mood to say the least, to top off a wonderful week Katie Santsee was interviewing at the magazine today. Minnie, Hally and I were waiting for Katie outside the building where we were doing the photo shoot.

“Ok Hally, do anything to keep her happy ok?” Minnie stressed.

“Of course Minnie, don’t worry. I have everything she asked for.” Hally said.

“Good, good. And what’s wrong with you lately Paris.” Minnie asked.

“Nothing, why?” I asked lightly, pretending that I didn’t feel like I was going to puke at the thought of interviewing Katie.

“You just don’t seem very happy.” She looked concerned.

“Well it’s got to be hard for you, interviewing your boyfriends ex, and his not even talking to you!” Hally said laughing like it was the funniest thing she’d ever said.
Minnie’s face was mixed feelings, she was assessing the situation. Instead of doing anything she silently walked back inside.

“How dare you? That’s my business Hally, not yours. You have no right talking about Nathan or me, and you also have no idea about our relationship. I suggest you don’t listen to idol gossip.” I said angrily.

“How dare I? You have been treated like freakin’ God since you walked in to Radiance. You start dating a football player, who you met at work yet, you get promoted faster than you and Nathan jumped into the sack and now you’re about to get yours.” She said harshly.

I couldn’t help it tears sprang to my eyes. I couldn’t think of a good come back so I simply said, “You have NO idea what you’re talking about.”

She smiled obviously proud she had gotten to me. Katie pulled up soon after. She looked impeccable as she got out of her car, her long jet black hair straight; as it sashayed behind her, her eyes against her tan skin stood out and her tall and small figure fitted perfectly into the skinny jeans she was wearing.

“Hello Katie, thank you so much for agreeing to do this.”Hally said as she was opening the car door.

“Hmm, its fine. Please tell me you have my water.”She said her eyes glancing over me.

“Certainly do. I’ll show you to hair and make-up!” Hally said brightly.

“And what’s your name?” Katie asked looking in my direction.

“Hi, sorry I’m Paris.” I said smiling my friendliest smile.

“You look extremely familiar Paris, where do I know you from?”She asked curiously obviously deciding if I was a friend or foe.

I hesitated but decided against telling her the truth, “Not sure to be honest, Sydney isn’t that big of a place. I suppose we’ve just seen each other around.”I shot Hally a warning look as if to say, you better not tell say anything.

So Hally led Katie through to make-up just as Zoe had just come down from the office to see how things were going.

“Hey, why do you look miserable?” Zoe asked.

“I’m fine, why does everyone think that?” I said a little harsher then intended.

Zoe raised her eye brows at me, “Meow.” She said her fingers clawing the air.

“I’m sorry, nothing. I just...I haven’t talked to him in like 5 days Zoe, and now I’m here with Katie, who is tall and skinny as a coat hanger, beautiful long hair and eyes that make me want to get contacts and I just keep thinking am I really good enough to be with him?” I spilled to her, tears filling my eyes, and not for the first time that day.

“Sweetie, you have no idea how awesome you are. You are beautiful and smart and you deserve everything positive in the world, Nathans the lucky one here. And your both as stubborn as each other, you need to call him.” She said handing me a tissue.

“Thank you Zoe. You’re right I’m gonna call him.”I said feeling a little less sorry for myself.

Suddenly everybody turned their heads towards a high pitch squeal, followed by yelling of something I couldn’t make out, I quickly realised somebody was yelling my name. I looked at Zoe, whose face mirrored mine, shock. Shit was about to hit the fan.

“PARIS, WHERE IS SHE? PARIS?” Katie was yelling.

“I’m here!” I said sighing. “What is it Katie?” I asked playing dumb.

“Well, the fact your fucked my boyfriend is kind of a problem.” She said loudly. I couldn’t believe this was happening, not here I worked so hard to get here at Radiance I couldn’t afford to lose my job. I also couldn’t handle people thinking that I had ‘fucked her boyfriend’ as she had so eloquently put it; they were broken up ‘officially’.

“Can we talk about this outside please?” I asked quietly Minnie had walked in on the commotion.

“NO we can’t, why should you be spared embarrassment? That’s all I have gone through in the last few months, so NO Paris we can’t go outside.” I haven’t seen anyone look so hateful.

“I’m sorry, but I won’t do this. Not here.” I said and made a move to walk away. Suddenly I felt someone spit on me, I let out a disgusted groan before I turned around swiftly. Zoe moved between us, and Minnie rushed over.
They were both obviously appalled, at her actions I just felt like I was about to throw up.

Minnie quickly pulled me aside, “Paris, I think you should go home.”

“Ok, I’m sorry.” I said, Minnie quickly shook her head and I grabbed my bag. I turned my around to see Hally smiling at the situation that had unfolded in front of her. Katie was still yelling at me, as I made my way to the door, tears now falling freely down my face. I sat in my car, and grabbed my phone; Nathan was the only person who I wanted to talk to.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Authors note- about me! :D

Hello! :D

So this is my first post all about feel free not to read it, I'm not that interesting to be honest. I guess I should start by saying I am from Australia, I live in a fairly small city, I guess not small population wise but most people work in the public service here, not something I'm keen to do for the rest of my life! :D

I have 3 older half brothers, and I live with my mum and dog. My two oldest brothers are married and have children and live about 15 hours from me. We have the same dad, who unfortunatley passed away about 8 years ago. My mum is a nurse at the local hospital, working mostly on the cancer ward. She's pretty strong, which is why I admire her so much. She is constantly late rushing around, which is what she's going right now...

Hmm what else? I'm studying at the moment, crazy busy...Like this week alone I had 2 speeches and an essay due (I should be doing the essay now, but I'm soooo tired)!

My one hope in life is that I get to travel, I wanna visit everywhere. Travel all over Europe, is my first goal then probably the States! Actually speaking of travel

I'm actually going to America at the end of the year! So dont hate me too much for putting the blog on hold during that time. It's only for three weeks, and I'm thinking that I will end in some sort of climatic way (I already have ideas :)) and then when I come back you can expect a post everyday for the first week or something like that? Anyway I'll let you know what my plans are closer to the date!

Also I'm going away next wednesday to meet my new nephew! So the posts may be disrupted a little bit, but I have written quite a way ahead and I'll just schedule its probably only me replying to comments/emails that will be put on hold!

Speaking of comments I LOVE THEM! Seriously I love hearing what people have to say and everything, so keep them coming!

I have a rough idea of whats going to happen in this blog, at least for the rest of the 'season', and I absoutley LOVE writing it, I write to escape from my own fairly boring life...Dont get me wrong I do love my life, but Paris definetly adds some spice! :D

You also may or may not be happy to hear I have been writing a new story, I'm thinking of starting to post it when I get back from America. The new story will not affect Paris Persuasion in the slightest, but I'm enjoying experimenting with different ideas that wouldnt otherwise work on this blog.

Oh also you know what I was thinking would be fun...starting a book club over a blog. I don't know but one of the customers at my work started it and is raising money for charity, I think it could be fun. One of us could pick a book every month? I'm sure we can get them from the library or online...anyway tel me what you think?

LAST THING I promise: what should I name this? Like when I blog about me? Authors nots too offical for me just talking!

Anyway sorry for blabbering on way to long! I hope you didnt get to bored! :D

<3 Amy!

P.S There will be a bonus post on Saturday! So check back...Oh and I need a new poll! Thanks heaps for reading!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


When I got to Nate’s apartment after hanging out with Georgie it was clear he was NOT happy with me. He opened the door, his usually cuddly nature nonexistent, Uh-Oh.

“Hey.” I said, giving him a kiss, which he pulled away from VERY quickly.


A Painfully awkward silence occurred. He hadn’t invited me in so I was just standing in his doorway.

“, can I come in or?” I asked carefully.

He moved slightly and I walked in, ok so he was mad at me. I might be a little late to the game, but I can catch on to the rules pretty quickly.
Again I stood awkwardly, looking at his lounge room. I turned around to see Nate watching me.

“Ok, so you’re obviously mad at me.” I said I tried to keep my voice light, I really wasn’t good at arguments and one was definitely brewing.

“Yep.” He said walking right passed me and plonking himself on the couch.

“Hmm ok. Why?” I asked following him.

“Really Paris, you have no clue?” he asked.

“Well... I saw you last night, and we were all having fun.” I answered honestly.

“Yeah, you were having a great time. So was Brett.” He replied angrily.

I couldn’t help it; I rolled my eyes and scoffed. “We were all having fun Nate.”

“Oh yeah we all had a great time, I’m sure if you laughed any louder at Brett’s jokes you would have cracked a rib.”He said standing up and getting some water.

“Nathan, Brett and I are just friends! I would never, ever jeopardise what we have.”I sighed.

He seemed to calm down a little. “I feel like an ass Paris, but the way he looks at you...”He said.

“Don’t feel like an ass Nate, Brett is just a friend. I don’t think of him like that and he doesn’t think of me like that, if you spent more time with him you’d realise that.” I said.

“So your gonna keep hanging out with him then?” He asked his tone harsh once again.

“Uh...yeah. He is my friend Nate.” I said slightly aggravated.

Then it got worse, we both got overly heated, about a completely silly subject. I ended up leaving, the issues remain unresolved...I know that Brett and I had a weird moment, but I just wished Nathan trusted ME enough to realise that I would NEVER do anything to screw up this relationship.

He obviously doesn’t realise how much I care about him.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Authors Note - 9/11

Hey everybody,

Just wanted to say I know this may be a particularly hard day for some of you, and I hope that everybody makes it through ok!

I was fairly young when 9/11 happened, I remember waking up my dad was staring at the tv shocked. The tv's were on at school and oddly thats when I fully realised what a horrible day in history this was about to become. Despite living in Australia, it was hugely publisied over here and I guess all around the world.

So today please keep in your thoughts and prayers the people that lost their lives, the fire fighters, police officers, people in the planes and those in the buildings. Also peoples families and friends that suffered in the wake of this horrible tragedy.

Sorry for the sadness of this post.


P.S Next post on Monday :D

Friday, September 10, 2010

Dinner Party

So I managed to get everyone to come, even though it was late notice. I decided to make this yummy Greek salad for starter, spaghetti with some crusty garlic bread for main and mud cake served with ice cream for dessert. YUM.... Nathan agreed to come over early and help me cook.

“So babe, who’s coming tonight?” Nate asked when I came out from the bathroom fixing my makeup.

“Uh ok, you, me, Audrey, Zoe and Mark her boyfriend, Brett, Georgie...That’s it.” I said excitedly.

“Oh ok cool...I have training tomorrow so I might need to duck out a little early.” He said.

“Training on a Saturday? Well that sucks, you could just stay with me tonight if you want?” I said kissing him slowly; while he was running his hands over my back.

“Hmmm maybe I will, if you promise to kiss me like that again.”He said, I pulled him closer to me in response.

“Well we better stop kissing like that, or I won’t be a very good host, now will I.” I said attempting to pull away.

“You’ll be a good host to me.” He said smiling.

We were all sitting around the dining room table; everybody was getting along really well. Even Mark and Zoe were getting along great, which was a surprise after our little chat the other day. Although I realised about half way through the dinner Georgie and Brett would be better off just as friends, I also noticed that Nathan and Brett were pretty similar, so she probably saw him as more of a brother figure.

About 10.30 Nathan whispered in my ear, “Babe, I’m going to bed. Sorry to be lame, I have to get up early tomorrow.”

“No worries, wake me up before you go tomorrow?” I asked.

“Of course I will.” He gave me a quick kiss.

“Sorry to be a party pooper guys, but I’m going to head off to bed. I have practice early in the morning...”He said to a bunch of groans.

“I think we better go too.” Zoe said Mark nodded in agreement.

“Hmm me too...I’m so tired.” Georgie yawned.

They all offered to help clean up, but I was happy to do it. The mess is a sign of a successful dinner party. Audrey went to bed after everybody left so it was just Brett and I.

Brett insisted on helping me clean up, it didn’t take long so we decided to go sit in the lounge room and have another drink.

“So you had a good night?” I asked.

“I did, your right everybody is really cool. Seriously thanks Paris for introducing me too people and showing me around and everything. I really appreciate it.” Brett said genuinely.

“No problem Brett. I think you’re a cool guy, and plus if I didn’t you would have been stuck with Hally.” I said laughing.

“Did I tell you she asked me out for drinks...”He said. Brett also realised what a toxic person Hally was, he had seen her around the office and how she treated everyone.

“Really? Hmm I’m not surprised.” I laughed.

We chatted easily and before I knew it the clock read 1am, I had to be up earlier than normal for a Saturday because Georgie and I had decided to go to Bondi for lunch and a bit of shopping.

“Ha it’s already 1.” I said yawning hoping Brett would get the hint that it was time to go.

“It is too, I better go. You need your beauty rest.” He smiled.

We got up and I gave him a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek, he stared at me for a second to long before I shut the door. I’m really hoping I didn’t give him the wrong idea about tonight.

Instead of over thinking things I just snuggled in bed with Nate, I woke up to him giving me a kiss as he was rushing out for training, I instantly got a stabbing feeling of guilty and I couldn’t understand why.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So Much Testosterone

Work has been super duper busy the last couple of days, we got an updated list of Katie’s demands, like special brands of water that she can drink and a certain fruit, from a particular fruit shop she can eat. So it’s needless to say I have been crazy busy, poor Nate told me he had been feeling a little rejected, so I suggested he pick my after work.

Anyway Brett was fitting in perfectly, he picked up his job easily and was getting along with everyone, Zoe, Brent and I went to lunch almost every day of the week together.

Nate called me about 6.15pm to let me know he was downstairs; Brent was leaving at the same time so we walked out together.

“So what are you doing tonight?” I asked while we were waiting for the elevator.

“Not much, going home...” He said.

I felt bad for him, but I promised Nathan that we would have a night together just us, otherwise I would have asked him to come to dinner.

“Oh no that sucks, I’m sorry. Did you want to come over for dinner on Saturday; we can invite Zoe and her boyfriend and Nate and my roommate...” I asked.

“Uhh, your roommate doesn’t have a boyfriend does she? I can’t handle all couples.” he laughed.

“Nope! And I’ll invite Nate’s’ll like her heaps.” I said excitedly, I hadn’t had a dinner party in ages, it was a good excuse to get everyone together, and also to see if Brett and Georgie would hit it off, they’d be cute together I reckon.

The doors open and Nate was waiting for me, looking all handsome and clean shaven.
“Hey babe, this is Brett, the new accountant I was telling you about.”I said giving him a quick kiss.

“Hey mate.”Nate said.

“Hey man, heard lots about you.”Brett said.

There was so much testosterone in the room, it got kind of awkward.

“Uh ok, so I’ll see you tomorrow.” I said giving Brett a quick hug

“Ok, so where are you taking me?” I asked Nathan, when we were alone.

“I thought we could just walk around and choose somewhere, sound ok?” He asked.

“Awesome, how was practise today?” I asked wrapping my arm around his waist as we walked.

“Ok, getting easier. So what’s the deal with Brett?” He asked making a face.

“What’s that face for? His really cool Nate.” I said laughing.

“I’m sure he is, you guys have become fast friends.” He said.

I stopped him on the street before speaking, “Don’t be jealous babe. Brett’s just a friend, and you’re definitely more than a friend, I promise.”

He smiled a stupidly big grin and kissed the top of my nose, “I’m not jealous...Ok a little jealous.”

Suddenly I hear a high pitched scream, and two young teenage girls about 16 run over to us.

“OMIGOD! YOU’RE NATHAN LUKEN!” Screamed the first girl.

“O-M-G I TOTALLY LOVE YOU!” Screamed the second girl.

I gave Nathan a look, as if to say ‘now I’m a little jealous,’ he laughed and stuck his tongue out at me, before taking photos with the two giggling girls.
Nathan and I went home that night and showed each other how not jealous we both were...over and over again. ;)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

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Monday, September 6, 2010


Minnie called me into her office today, I thought it might have been about the interview with Katie, everything was organised for it, we had some sample clothes and the accessories. I did love organising the interview even if it was for my boyfriends ex.

“Good morning Paris. How’d everything go organising the interview?” Minnie asked.

“Everything is organised. We booked the location and the clothes and everything.” I answered, handing over the relevant paper work.

“Good work, it looks like you have everything handled; I have to ask one more favour though.”

“No worries, what do you need?” I asked.

“We have a new accountant coming on staff, because the big boss thinks we aren’t being careful enough with our budget. Blah, blah. Anyway this guy is new from Melbourne, so would you mind showing him around the office, and show him the area around the office today?” She asked.

“Yeah no worries, I would love to. Did you say he?” I asked wondering how a guy was going to fit into such a female dominated work place.

“I did, big boss also thought we needed to incorporate a male opinion into the magazine. Obviously that doesn’t make sense, seeing as we are a woman’s magazine.”

She sounded exasperated, like she had said the same thing multiple times.

I smiled, “well don’t worry about it; I’ll take care of him!”

Then I heard a knock on her office, I spun around and saw him. He was a plate of mouth watering, deliciousness, he looked exactly like Brad Pitt (Not Brad Pitt now, but back when he was in Troy), he had longish sandy blonde hair and was oh so beautiful. I’m probably not describing him to well...but goodness me.

“Hello Brett, come in.” Minnie said, she gave me a quick I know his hot but please keep it together look. “This is Paris; she will be your tour guide today.” He smiled at me and extended his hand; I took it and smiled my biggest smile.

“Hey Brett I’ll show you around the office, let you meet everyone.” I said.

“Thanks heaps.” He smiled, and my knees went weak.

I showed him around, and introduced him to all the girls in the office, they all went stupid, laughing loudly and going bright red. It was great, but I’m pretty sure I had the same reaction when he even looked in my direction. We decided to go out for lunch, I invited Zoe, she said she’d try to get there but she wasn’t sure.

“This place is really yummy; any of the stir fry’s are good!” I said to Brett, we were sitting at me and Zoe’s favourite Chinese place.

“Thanks heaps for today Paris, seriously I know you probably had better things to do but I really appreciate it.” He said.

“No worries, seriously I had fun anyway. I think you’ll fit in here, surprisingly.” I said smiling.

“Why is it surprising?” He asked curiously.

“I mean we don’t have any guys working at the magazine. We are all girls, and get along pretty well, so it’ll be good to have a change.” I said grinning stupidly big.

“You have a beautiful smile.” He said, “Is there any way you would go out with me, you know after work hours.”

“Uh, I don’t think my boyfriend would like that too much.” I said trying to make light of the potential awkwardness.

“Ah, I’m sure he wouldn’t.” He said laughing.

“I’m sorry...but we could be friends.” I said.

“Friends it is.” He said amused.

We had a nice lunch talking about the office and the gossip and who to avoid (Hally). Despite the awkward moment, I really think that I have a new friend.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Its Feels Like Old Friends Coming Together Again

Georgie and I met today at this really nice cafe right on Bondi, of course it was busy, all the trendy beachy people out for Sunday morning brunch. Georgie and I had done a bit of shopping and were just walking along the beach.

“So last night was fun.” I said.

“It really was...But Paris, nah I...never mind.”She said.

“What Georgie?”I asked.

“Ok, look I’m saying this as your friend. Because we are friends, but it could come across off as –”I cut her off.

“Just say it Georgie, its fine.” I said genuinely wanting her opinion on last night.

“Ok, well the way Brett looked at you Paris, it wasn’t a friend look. I think Nate noticed too.” She said.

“Hmm I told Brett about Nate the first day we met. He knows where committed and all that jazz. But I don’t know something weird happened after everybody left...” I said.

“What?” She asked concern.

“Well, this sounds stupid but he just stared, you know like a little too long...”I said.

“Pretty much what he was doing ALL last night.” She said.

“Can you not tell Nate about this convo, I know it’s weird your brother’s girlfriend asking you to keep quiet, but I just wanna gauge the situation first?” I said.

“Yeah of course Paris, just between us but if you hurt my brother, I hurt you!”She laughed but was only half joking.

“Oh gosh, I have been given that speech by sooo many people in your family.” I giggled. “But no, I have no intention to hurt him.”

“Not surprised, we all kept our mouths shut about Katie and that wasn’t pretty.” She sighed.

“Why what happened there?” I asked more interested then I should have been about my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend.

She laughed at my curiosity but continued, “A lot happened there...gosh she was REALLY media hungry, and Nathans not like that, she was into the whole wag tag thing...” I openly cringed; one thing I didn’t really like about my relationship with Nathan was that people were already referring me as a wag, wives and girlfriends of football players. I don’t want to be known as somebody’s girlfriend, I want to be known as a brilliant writer who is the editor of Radiance magazine...some day.

“Yucky, I’m nobody’s wag...” I laughed.

Georgie responded by laughing really hard, “You really are one of a kind Paris. A lot of girls would just LOVE to be a wag...”

My phone started ringing, breaking up the girl talk...


“Hey.” Nathan replied, sounding tired and a little grumpy.

“Oh no, you sound tired.”

“I am, but do you still wanna hang out tonight?” He asked.

“Surely do, I’m with your lovely sister at the moment, should I just come to your place after?”

“Oh that’s cool; yeah sure I’ll see you soon.”

“Love you, cya soon!” I replied.

“Love you too.” He replied and then hung up, he was not a happy chappy.

Georgie and I started walking back up the beach, I could see Georgie and I coming really close friends, I hope I didn’t put her in an awkward position with Nathan but she was so easy to talk to.

Family Secrets

Dinner with Nathan was nice. I got to his apartment about 6pm, the poor boy looked so tired, I almost felt bad for being there, he should have been sleeping.
He opened the door in a hoodie and tracksuit pants, he looked so adorable.

“Hey, you look tired. Are you sure you want company?” I asked, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Yeah of course, plus I need a massage...” He said as he hugged me from behind, kissing my neck.

The rest of the night was fun; I made a pretty yummy dinner, stir fry with noodles! Nate fell asleep watching Spiderman, it was his choice. I dragged him to bed; he was insisting he was ‘just resting his eyes’. Sure. We got into bed and Nathan asked something I didn’t hear, his voice was muffled against my hair, my head was lying on his chest.

“Pardon?” I asked, circling my finger against his stomach.

“I said, do want to know why my mum and I have so many problems.” He asked.

“If you want to tell me I want to know.” I said pulling back and looking at him.

“My...well my dad committed suicide...” He said gulping, I realised this was probably to stop himself from crying.

“Nate I’m so sorry. I had no idea. How long ago?” I asked.

“When I was 16, he uhh he walked in on my mum...with somebody else, and two days later he killed himself.”He said barely holding it together. “The kicker? The guy mum was with was West.”

I didn’t know what to say. I was too shocked. “Oh. I...I Don’t know what to say. That must have been horrible for you, all of you.”I said looking at him; he was looking straight up at the ceiling.

“Yeah it’s hard when we all go there and West is in my dad’s know sitting in the same chair as him. West is an ok guy, but honestly Paris when I am around him it takes everything for me to be civil. They were married less than a year later too...”

“God Nate that must have been horrible. I understand why you’re angry. I am really sorry Nate.”

A couple of tears escaped his eyes, he quickly wiped them. His moment of vulnerability was over, at least with his family stuff...

“It’s not your fault. I haven’t really told anyone about that before, so it’s between us ok?” He said quietly.

“Yeah of course, but Nate if there is anything ever you want to talk to me about you can. Anything.” I added.

He gave me a quick kiss and pulled me back into his chest, and he slept soundly for the rest of the night. I was going to tell him that I had lost my dad to, but it didn’t feel like the right time.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Drama Free?

I woke up early the next morning; I loved sleeping next to Nathan, I knew it would be harder and harder to sleep without him next to me, spooning me or rubbing my back until I fell asleep.

I woke up at 6:30 with Nathan kissing me goodbye, he was off to his first training of the season. I pulled him back and kissed him again wishing him luck.

I got up and made some breakfast, and decided to in early. I had lots of work to catch up on after I missed yesterday. Also the promotion date had been pushed back slightly, Yasmine had decided to work right up until her baby is born, although training for it is supposed to start soon I was happy to have a little less responsibility for a while.

The early morning meeting was going well, until I heard something that made me want to throw up. The offending comment came from Hally:

“You know who is really popular right now? Katie Santsee. Maybe we could do an interview with her, you know she has that TV gossip show in the works. I’m sure she’d be interested.” She said looking at me, by now almost everybody knew about my relationship with Nate, she knew that I would be responsible for organising the interview and convincing Katie to do it. Great.

“Paris do you think you could try to organise that?” Minnie asked, clearly she didn’t know about me and Nate, she tried to stay out of office politics.

“I certainly can.” I said smiling a big fake smile.

“Ok thank you, moving on. Now who have we decided for the cover?” Minnie asked.

An hour later I was on hold to Katie’s management team, I had already spoken to two people and I was waiting, again. Radiance was a pretty popular magazine, so I knew she would do it, it was just a matter of her thinking she was the only one we wanted and that we had to have her.

“When were you thinking of doing the interview?” Katie’s agent David asked.

“Well as soon as possible, as soon as it was suitable for Katie.”I replied.

I booked an interview for the following week, with a couple of demands from Katie, we were set. Minnie also told me that Hally could be her assistant for the day, which I was so thankful for. She probably didn’t know who I was, and to be honest I wanted to keep it that way. Zoe and I decided to go for quick lunch; I could swing it because I started early.

“So how are you and Mark going?”I asked.

“We are going ok, his so busy with work...I don’t know Paris, too be honest I don’t think it’s going anywhere.”

“Really? I thought you liked him a lot?”I asked surprised.

“I’s not going anywhere. I...don’t know...” She said, her eyes filling with tears. “Please can we just not talk about it right now?”

“Sure but if you want to talk, you know I’m here for you...”I said sincerely, with her nod I kept talking, “Would you like to hear something funny?” Zoe missed the meeting this morning; I needed to fill her in. I was also desperate to make the tears that filled her eyes go away.

“I would love too.” She said smiling.

“Guess who we are interviewing for the magazines new issue? Katie Santsee...” I said.

“NO...NATHANS EX?”She asked practically screaming.
“The very same...” I said laughing.

“Oh that’s too good. Seriously, you just met his crazy ass mum and things start to settle down again, and then the mag is interviewing his ex...God you guys can’t catch a break.” She said.

I suddenly realised she was right, we hadn’t been drama free night for a while, besides the wedding. I was determined to have a drama free night alone with Nathan tonight, after I told him about the interview. Nate called me about 5 minutes later, when Zoe and I were walking back to the office.

“Hey Nate.” I said smiling.

“Hello’s work?” He asked.

“Fine, fine how was practise baby?”

“It was so hard. Haven’t had a workout like that for a while. But it’s good to be back.”He said.

“Really, I’m sure I could work you out, if that’s what you’re into. And I’m glad you’re happy.” I said.

“Hmmm talking dirty already? It’s not even 3 o’clock yet my dear.” He joked.

“You’re a funny boy. Oh do you want to know something? Guess who the magazine is interviewing? Your lovely ex-girlfriend...”I said.

“Oh God, really?” He asked annoyed.

“Yep, Zoe seems to think we can’t catch a I was thinking maybe I will make you dinner tonight to have a drama free night. As long as you don’t have plans.” I said.

“I don’t have plans, and I would love for you to make me dinner. You should come straight here after work.”

“Okily Dokily. I’ll see you then.”

Zoe and I went back to the office, we had lots, and lots to do for Katie’s interview, we had to sought out what she was going to wear with the fashion people and Zoe had to decide what make up we were going to do.

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Kept Promises

Nathan kept his promise and picked me up later that afternoon. I packed my work clothes so I could just go straight there the next morning.

“Hey guys.” I said while climbing into the back of Nate’s car.

“Hey, omigod you look beautiful. Did you get a tan?” Georgie asked.

“No, I only saw you yesterday! I did go for a walk on the beach though.” I laughed.

“That must be it.” She smiled.

“How was the drive?” I asked, rubbing the back of Nathans neck gently.

“Easy, except your boyfriend insisted on playing terrible music the entire way here.” She laughed.

I laughed at the sibling argument and felt a pang of guilt for not calling Grace.
Nathan let out a low groan at me massaging his neck. “Oh God driving makes my neck so stiff.”

“I’ll give you a massage later, make it all better.” I said, my arms covered in Goosebumps after that exchange. Nathan looked back at me giving a suggestive wink and we both laughed. Georgie did not,

“Ewww guys really just keep it in your pants until I get out of the car, please.”She made a face of disgust. Nathan just stuck his tongue out at her. Mature.

We started approaching her building, it was beautiful, kind of like Carries apartment in Sex and the City, way more understated then mine but I loved it.

“Georgie this is really nice.” I said.

“Yeah it’s pretty nice; I think I am going to get a roommate in though, in the next six months anyway, so if you’re interested or know anyone who is let me know!”

“I will definitely.” I smiled; I liked Georgie more and more. Nathan carried her bags to the door for her and I jumped in the front seat.

Nathan got back in and gave me a really sweet kiss, it last for ages and before things got to hot and heavy he decided to drive us home. I rested my hand on his thigh for the rest of the trip, occasionally rubbing my hand up and down; every time I did he had a sharp intake of breath which made me smile. He parked his car in the car-park, and immediately pulled me over so I was straddling him. My breathing matched his rapid, as I leant down for a kiss; he kissed me back, as his hands explored my body.

“Is there anything else we need to talk about before I take you upstairs?” He asked, his breath hot against my neck.

I shook my head and kissed him again, that’s all it took. We had amazing sex for most of the night, and at my request we played Florence and the Machines You’ve got the Love on repeat. ;)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Drunken Voicemails and Confused Girlfriends

I got this voicemail at 3am last night while I was sleeping soundly,

‘Hey beautiful, I’m missing you tonight. Wish you had stayed but I understand why you didn’t. I’m sorry for not calling you earlier just getting home, had a couple of drinks with Jake. I miss you and can’t wait to see you naked again.’

To be honest it didn’t even sound like him, it was him but it was another side of him. The message left a bad taste in my mouth. I suddenly realised he was angry at me, but I couldn’t figure out why.

I got up around 8am when I heard Audrey getting ready for work. I must have frightened her because she let out a really loud scream.

“Paris, you’re not supposed to be home until later tonight...” She said trying to regain some composure.

“I’m sorry, I know. I should have called. The trip got cut short.” I said.

“Its fine, why what happened?” I hesitated telling her what happened, I know she was my friend but I don’t know something didn’t feel that genuine about her anymore.

“Nothing, Nathan and I just got in a little fight. Nothing serious just thought I should give him time with his family.” I said lying.

“Oh no babe, I’m sorry. That sucks.” She said making me a coffee. “I’m really sorry I got to rush to work. Are you going in today?”

“Nope, I thought I have the day off so I might as well use it. I’m thinking about going for a walk on Bondi.”I said grateful for Audrey not asking any more questions.

An hour later I was in my tracksuit pants and singlet jogging on the beach and my phone rang, Nathan lit up my screen, I considered not answering it, but of course I did.

“Hey Nate.” I said a little puffed.

“Hey, you sound out of breath what you up to?” He asked curiously.

“Just jogging on Bondi. What about you?” I asked rolling up my pants and dipping my feet in the cold water.

“Nursing a pretty heavy hangover to be honest.” He sounded tired. “Oh and I’m sorry for not calling you, Jake and I got busy and I just forgot.” He said.

“You did call me actually, left a voicemail on my phone at like 3am.” I said casually.

He sighed, “I hoped I dreamt that.”

“Nope, Nate are you angry at me for something?” I ventured cautiously.

“No of course I’m not angry at you. Why would you say that?” He asked.

“Just I don’t know...your voicemail sounded a little passive-aggressive...” I said.

“This is why people should get their phones banned when they drink. I’m not mad at you, I am angry at myself for bringing you this weekend though.”He sighed.

“So what if you could do it all again you wouldn’t bring me?” I asked a little hurt.

He breathed out, “To be honest Paris probably not. You had a terrible time this weekend and frankly so did I.”

“I didn’t have a terrible time, I keep telling you this...There was a couple of crappy moments but the rest was great.” I said.

“Paris when I called you was obvious you were crying...” He said quietly.

It was my turn to sigh, “So what? I had a cry to a friend because my boyfriends mum hates me. I honestly thought we were having fun, at least for the most part...” I started to get teary again but managed to pull myself together. I was having doubts now, did he think telling me he loves me was a mistake?

We were both quiet for a long time.

“I think I am going to go.” I said.

“Wait please. Paris the wedding was more than fun to me. I didn’t mean that I had a terrible time when we were dancing, or making love, or saying I love you. I just meant that, well that my mum was a bitch to you and that can’t have been fun for you.” He said softly, almost nervously.

“In the future when I think about the trip Nate it won’t be because your mum was rude to me or anything. It will be because of the dancing and the making love and saying I love you. And even all of us having breakfast together the next day.” I said and a few tears I couldn’t control ran down my cheeks.

“I have said it before and I’ll say it again, you’re amazing Paris. I really am sorry for the message. I am driving back to the city in like an hour with Georgie, did you want me to pick you up and you can come have a sleepover, and we can talk some more or whatever.” He asked.

“Yeah, I would like that. Message me when you’re like 15 mins away.” I asked wiping the tears and washing my face in the ocean.

“Ok, I’ll see you soon.”