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Saturday, February 26, 2011


“Hey pretty lady.” Zoe greeted me at the elevator; we were going to lunch together.

“Hey yourself.” I said kissing her on the cheek.

“How’s organising going for Paris?” She asked.

“Really well, Minnie’s practically got everything sorted, I’m staying with the beauty editor for their magazines for a couple of weeks while my accommodation is being organised.”

“Ooooo well remember I’m your favourite beauty editor of them all.” Zoe teased as we were getting on the elevator.

I laughed, “Of course.”

“I’m sad that you’re leaving me though.” Zoe said linking her arm in mine while we took to the street to find somewhere nice to eat.

“Me to, but I’m looking forward to a break.” I said.

“Hmm what from?” She asked.

“Real life I guess.” Zoe looked at me shocked before I began again, “God that sounded grim didn’t it?” I laughed lightly.

“What’s wrong with your life at the moment?” She asked.

“Nathan and I are we,..we aren’t right.” I said.

“Paris can I say something, without you getting offended?” She asked.

“Yes of course you can.” I said as we continued to walk along the street towards our favourite cafe, which we silently decided to go to.

“You spend a lot of time justifying your relationship, wondering what’s going on or being miserable.” She stopped talking as we sat down outside,
I wasn’t sure how to take it. Nathan and I have been happy, happier that I’ve in a long time, but on the flip side of that we’ve had lots of fights.

“I’m sorry if that sounded harsh, I didn’t mean it to, I just wanted to give an outsiders view.”

“No it’s ok, I’m a little lost, I feel like if I leave him now then I’m leaving when things got hard.”I said.

“I’m not telling you to break up with Nathan, but his injury isn’t life threatening and you told me he was getting his results back tomorrow, and he will mostly likely be playing again soon, you supported him through his hard time and now it’s your turn, you’re travelling soon and it’ll be a good chance to have some space.”

Tears sprung to my eyes, her honestly I think it’s because she said everything I was thinking, I never knew Zoe to be so honest, I needed to talk to Nathan, I needed this sorted out.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


“Paris, Paris, any comment on the latest on Nathan injury.”

“Paris has Nathan said when he’ll be returning to the game?”

“Paris how’s Nathan feeling about his teams win?”

These were just some of the questions I was asked by the paparazzi, they have been following me for 6 days now, too say I was frustrated was an understatement. I couldn’t even run to the shops because everything took triple the time.
I wish I could just yell the answers at them but instead
I was told by Nathans new PR team that I’m supposed to say nothing. Becky – the main member of the new PR team- has been less then pleasant towards me, yet another thing to deal with. Nathan constant bad mood hasn’t left him yet, I feel so sympathetic to his situation but his been a big asshole especially to me.

“Nathan?” I called from his front door as I let myself in.

He didn’t reply so I just followed the laughing coming from his room, I dumped my stuff in the kitchen and noticed Becky’s handbag sitting on the counter.

“Hey.” I said standing in the doorway taking in the sight before me.

“Hi.” Nathan said briefly looking up from his computer screen where Becky was sitting on his bed next to him looking intently at the screen. Ok call my crazy, call me jealous, but this bitch was sitting on my boyfriend’s bed looking awfully cosy with him, I was less than impressed.

“What’s going on here?” I asked trying to play cool.

“...just watching this youtube clip.” Becky answered sourly, like she wasn’t happy that I was interrupting their ‘moment’.

“Oh cool.” I replied.

“Babe shhhh, we’re almost done.” Nathan said Becky looked oddly proud.

I was fuming my blood was boiling it took everything I had to not run over and step on both of their faces.

“Sorry Nathan, how rude am I being right now?” I said sarcastically walking out of his room.

Nathan sighed and a little smile danced across Becky’s face.

I walked into the kitchen and started putting away the food, about 6 minutes later Becky emerged from his room, and Nathan followed with his crutches soon after.

“Alright well I’ll see you later Nathan, remember you have your final x-rays on Tuesday, will work on getting keeping the photographers away, and if it’s good news -which it will be- we can have a quick press conference on the steps of the hospital.” She said.

“Sounds great Becky thanks heaps for all the support you’ve given me the last 6 weeks.” He said nicely.

“No worries Nate, you’ve been my favourite client.” She winked.
I couldn’t help it my heart was beating uncontrollably fast and before I knew it tears stung my eyes, I quickly turned around and faced the sink, taking a big gulp of water.

“Bye Paris.” I heard Becky calling from the front door.

“Cya.” I replied.

Friday, February 4, 2011


The next few weeks were hard; Nathan was rarely out of his mood and constantly feeling sorry for himself. Danny had been spending more time with Georgie and more time training, the whole team has had to pick up the training and game preparations since Nathans out, they brought someone from the bench up, Nathan definitely didn’t approve of his replacement. Tonight was the first time I’d been at home and was looking forward to a good chat to Georgie about her situation with Danny.

“Hello pretty lady.” I said when Georgie came home; I was in the kitchen cooking some healthy meals to freeze for Nathan.

“HEY, your home tonight!” Georgie said excitedly.

“Yessss I am.” I said walking over to her and giving her a kiss on the cheek.

“What you making?” She said looking over the food I’d made.

“Just some food for Nathan.”

“Oh ok how’s he doing?”

“Umm his ok, just feeling sorry for himself, I just needed a break for a bit, I’ll probably go back later.” I said.

“If you need me to do anything, help you out, help him out whatever, just let me know.” She said thoughtfully.

“I will thanks, anyway enough about Nathan, you and Danny what’s going on there?” I asked fascinated.

“Well I guess where kind of seeing each other...we haven’t talked about anything official yet, but over the last few weeks we’ve been going out and stuff.” She smiled.

“Oh really? And stuff? What kind of stuff?” I said with a wink, I was very interested in other peoples sex lives, mainly cause Nathan and I haven’t touched each other in nearly a month since his injury.

“Ha ha, no sexy time yet, well almost but things weren’t quite working the way they were supposed to...” She said and went bright red.

“Oh he couldn’t?” I asked being extremely nosey.
She cleared her throat before continuing, “No we were both ready it’s just we were being really awkward about it and things weren’t coming off properly, and then he freaked about having sex with his friends sister...and that was about 2 hours ago.” Georgie said going redder then I have I’ve ever seen.

“Shit Georgie, I’m sorry that sucks...” I said sympathetically.

“Eh as long as he can get over it I don’t care, I like him a lot.” She smiled.

“Good attitude...alright I better go see your idiot brother.” I said getting up.

“At least he only has two more weeks in the cast.” She said supportively.

“True, then the training starts.” I said with a tight smile.

“Yep, then you’ll have Nathan back.” She smiled and started day dreaming.

Yep, not long until Nathan is himself again...