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Friday, March 18, 2011

The Reunion To Postpone

“What are you doing here?”Nathan said getting out of the car when he finally spotted me.

I made a move to walk to Georgie’s car of course he blocked my path.

“Nathan please, just move.” I said.

“You’re at my house, why?” He asked.

“Nathan just leave it.” Georgie interrupted.

“No I want to talk to Paris.” He said, so Leslie ushered Georgie inside, they didn’t do anything about the bitch in the Nathan’s front seat.

“Paris, you shouldn’t be here.” Nathan said.

“I know, I’m sorry, I’m leaving.”

“You can’t just fuck me over and then hang out with my family.”

“Fuck you over?” I repeated.

“Yeah.” He said, so I deliberately looked towards Becky in his front seat.

“Don’t give me that, I’m single now.” He said with venom in his voice.

“I know, I just think that maybe you forgot you were in a relationship when you actually were.”

“No, you were there reminding me every step of the way...” He said.

“Right it’s all my fault...” I said with a bit of bite to my voice.

“You left me, I honestly don’t know why your here.”

“Me either...just let me go, please.” I pleaded.

He must have saw the desperation on my face because suddenly he looked as sad as I felt.

“I’m sorry; I’m being an ass...I just don’t get why we couldn’t work our shit out.” He said his voice lowering towards the end of the sentence and he kicked some imaginary dirt on the ground.

“You seem to be moving on just fine.” I said once again looking pointedly at Becky.

He looked back at her and then towards me...

“You made your choice Nathan.” I said waving for Georgie to come out, she was watching the scene ‘stealthily’ behind the curtain in Lesley’s living room.

I turned around and started walking towards Georgie’s car, Nathans grabbed my wrist, by the time I turned to face him, he’d already rethought his decision and was signalling for Becky to come inside.


  1. While I love the story, this post was a let down. How can guys just move on like that? I guess girls (me) just feel too much. If he is so damn sad, what's he doing there with Becky? Ugh. Fight for your relationshp, Nathan! mum

  2. I am thinking this was kind of a set up from Leslie. I think they possibly set up for Nathan to come out there so him and Paris could possibly talk....

  3. I agree with mum and blondygirl, sort of. I was expecting Nathan to show up but i thought he'd be alone so Paris and Nathan could work things out. But i'm curious to see what happens next.

  4. Is it wrong to hope that she goes to Paris, and when she comes back, they're both more clear-headed and able to give it another chance?

  5. Nathan is reallllly disappointing. Poor Paris. I'd kill Becky if I could, possibly Nathan too.