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Friday, November 26, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Finally Zoe and I got to catch up after work today, we’ve both been so busy, and work has been killing her, but it’s starting to slow down. The thing is nearing Christmas, we need to get two magazine issues done, because we have the week from Christmas to New Year off and we have to be absolutely prepared to go straight to press the week after everyone is back, on the plus Hally has been keeping her distance from me, which was unexpected, I thought after the magazine article she’d be on my case, but no, she’s backed right off.

Zoe and I were catching up at our favourite little cafe right by the water.

“So that article was...intense.” Zoe said once we had gotten comfortable.

“It was a little brutal, but Nathan and I have talked and apparently it’s all false.” I explained.

“...Oh well good, you’ve talked then.” She said.

“So what’s been going on with you then?” I asked.

“Umm not much, well actually I’ve been seeing someone.” She said with a big smile on her face.

“Really? That’s awesome, who is he?” I said genuinely excited for her.

“Well his name is Breaker.”

“Breaker? Hmm interesting, what does he do?” I asked, why is that always the first question? I would hate to be defined only by my career but it’s always the first generic question that pops in anyone’s head.

“He is a production assistant for channel 6, his really lovely.” She said her smile getting bigger and bigger.

“Ah cute Zoe, tell me everything.”I asked genuinely interested.

“Well his tall, has massive blue eyes, rocks a little bit of stubble and has these square black nerd glasses and is very sexy.” She smiled.

“Oooo he sounds really cute!” I laughed, she was smitten.

“Hmmm he is.” She said allowing herself to day dream for a minute.

We chatted easily about everything for about an hour, catching up on all the lost gossip from the last few weeks, eventually we were kicked out of the coffee shop and decided to walk along the main street, suddenly we were being beckoned by an unfamiliar voice, I’m not sure why but we both stopped dead in our tracks.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just Breathe

“What are you doing here Georgie?” I asked as we were walking down the streets, I was extremely relived that she arrived when she did.

“Nathan called me, asked me to check on you and you weren’t answering your phone, so I freaked out and ran over here.”She explained.

“I’m sorry, you shouldn’t have worried, I would have been fine.”

“Oh yeah you looked like you were in complete control, dude she was about to pull out your hair out.” She said still gripping my arm tight.

“I never thought she’d do something like that.” I said, still shocked.

“I know, Audrey didn’t seem like the violent type.” She said.

"I didn’t think she was.” I said. I guess it was a perfect ending to an imperfect friendship, Audrey finally showed her true colours and I felt like I could finally breathe again.
“So what she poured water on you, pulled your hair, said I cheated on you and bagged out your family, is that it?” Nathan asked pacing up and down his lounge room while Georgie and I watched from the couch; it was safe to say he was a little pissed off.

“That about covers it.” I said trying to get him to sit down, while Georgie went to the kitchen, giving us some alone time.

“I didn’t have sex with her, I mean I did obviously, but not since I met you.” He said.

“Ok.” I said, I wasn’t going to deny that I was hoping he would give me an answer without me having to ask, I trust Nathan, he finally say next to me and I buried my head into his chest, breathing him in.

“I talked to my manager about the website, his trying really hard to get the article off, but it’s already out there, not much that can be done.” He said.

“It sucks but honestly as you said it’s out there now, I’ve been fielding calls from my family all day, at least my mum hasn’t seen it, oh well I’m a home wrecking, slut, whose boyfriend doesn’t really like her...Things could be worse I suppose.” I said snuggling into Nathan.

“Well I love you and so do my friends, and you definitely weren’t a home wrecker, I feel like we constantly have to explain and prove our relationship to other people, let’s just let it be.”Nathan said, quoting the Beatles who I recently found out were one of his favourite bands.

“You are so cute, I love you.” I said smiling, we had finally found some harmony in our crazy lives, I wonder how long it will last?

Monday, November 22, 2010


I knocked furiously on the door in front of me, my rage was bubbling and I needed to see what Audrey had to say for herself, I wasn’t really sure what I was going to gain but I couldn’t let my life be taken over by vindictive and jealous person, I thought that 4 years of being inseparable and telling each other our deepest darkest secrets would mean at least a little respect after our friendship dissolved.

“Oh I should have been expecting you.” Audrey said as she opened the door looking less then pleased to see me. “Before you start yelling at me, can you please get the rest of crap out of your room before next weekend, I offered it to my roommate but she wouldn’t take your old junk.”

“Mature Audrey.” I said sarcastically.

“Hmm well come on then? Give it to me, what sob story are you going to lay on me?” She said walking through the entrance straight to the lounge room and sitting on the couch facing me.

“So what was with the story?” I asked.

“What? I didn’t write it.” She said, I gave her my ‘best bitch please’ look and she shook her head at me, “You don’t have to believe me Paris, but they’ve been building a story on you for a while, lots of unnamed sources, I stopped it from going to press and then I just decided I didn’t
care anymore.” She said harshly.

“Hmm say I do believe your pathetically weak story; you were mentioned in the article.” I said.

“Well I figured if you were going down, it wouldn’t hurt to get my name mentioned in the article.” She laughed shrilly.

“It’s not just me you’ve messed with here Audrey, its Nathan and his team, A LOT of people and you have no right to mess with their lives.” I said.

“Honestly Paris, I don’t care. I no longer associate myself with people who create drama.” She said.

“Seriously Audrey I cause drama, do you not realise the only reason I’m here is because of the shit your saying about me?” I said.

“I don’t know what you want me to say, I’ve heard some less then flattering stories about you in the last couple of weeks and I’m done.” She said.

“What kinds of things have you heard Audrey.” I said resisting the urge to reach over and punch her in the face.

“Well I’ve been seeing Katie around; she is getting a job at Dish the Dirt, her little TV gig didn’t work out, boo...any way dish the dirt is working on setting a tmz like TV program but with a host, and Katie’s in.” She said looking bored and glancing down at her nails.

“What’s your point Audrey?” I sighed angrily.

“ and her have been talking, apparently her and Nathan had sex quite a few times after you guys went on your first date, said it was the best she’s ever have apparently he kept saying, ‘I really shouldn’t be doing this,’ it was all forbidden and dirty...apparently.” She said keeping her voice level and looking me straight in the eye.

“You expect me to believe that she just told you all of this? Honestly Audrey you’re acting like a jealous bitch.” I said, what she said hurt me and I wasn’t sure what to think, but I needed to defend Nathan and talk to him later.

“Jealous? Of you? Oh sweetie.” She said patronisingly.

“Come on, finally I have the boyfriend, the amazing job, with HEAPS of opportunities coming my way, your used to sitting on a pedestal and having EVERYTHING handed to you, well Audrey it’s not longer school, it’s the real world and you have to work for what you want, your daddy can’t bail you out!” I yelled, low blow I know.

She was shocked for a solid 10 seconds before she spoke.

“How dare you? My dad hasn’t bailed me out in a long time, and Paris at least I have family to reply on, where’s yours at the moment? Some random country in Europe? While your sister is all obsessed with her new baby?” She screamed.

“My mum has always been there, she is having a life at the moment Audrey and of course my sister is obsessed with her new baby, what a ridiculous argument.” I said facing the kitchen to catch my breath.

And as suddenly I turned around I regretted it, I felt a large cup of water being thrown over my head, I spun around quickly to see her holding an empty glass, the bitch soaked my hair, I would have started laughing at the ridiculousness of the situation but then she walked over to me and pulled my hair just as I was about to shove her back I heard the front door opening, it was Georgie, well that was random.

“What the hell you two?” She yelled.

We both backed away from each other, I grabbed my purse and headed for the front door Georgie looking shocked but following me out anyway.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Angry By Extension

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I called Nathan on the way to Audrey’s I was absolutely fuming and needed him to see it.

“Hello beautiful,” Nathan answered sweetly.

“Log on to dish the dirt.” I said instead of hello.

“Babe you know I don’t care about celebrity goss and all that.” He said, but I heard walk over to his computer click around about a minute later, while I was furiously pushing the Sunday commuters on the train Nathan let out a loud breath, signifying he had now seen the article that was trashing his girlfriend.

“What the hell is this?” He asked.

“Good fucking question.” I practically yelled and got a dirty look from a woman sitting next to me.

“Fuck is this slander or something?” He asked.

“Argh I don’t know, I think maybe but she’s not really saying anything particularly damaging for my career at least.” I said.

“Babe what the hell she said I tried to kiss her?” He asked obviously still reading the article.

“Yes, Nathan I’m going to go see what she has to say for herself.” I said impatiently standing up, ready to get off at the stop.

“What? No Paris I think that’s a really bad idea.”

“Well I’m nearly at the building, Nathan you’re forgetting that she was my best friend, this is not just some random journalist that wrote a story.”

“Ok Paris if you want to confront her that’s fine, but I honestly think you shouldn’t go alone, you say she hasn’t printed anything to affect your career but what if she does, I honestly think that you may just provoke
her.” He explained.

“I get what you’re saying but I want to talk to her, plus I still need to pick up some of my stuff too.” I justified, my arguments were becoming pretty weak.

“Babe this is the last thing I’ll say about it, I think it will get to Audrey more if you ignore it, don’t play into her petty teenage games.” Nathan said maturely.

“I love you Nathan, and just because I don’t agree with you right now doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate your advice.” I said finally stopping my speed walking and leaning against a brick wall close to the apartment.

“Just trying this new thing, umm I think it’s called communication with the woman I love?” He said lightly.

“I like it.” I smiled.

“Alright well when you’re done ranting and raving at Audrey come over and I’ll talk to my manager see what can be done about the website.” He said.

We exchanged I love you’s and I continued my trek to my old apartment.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


*Hey guys, I'm really sorry I havent posted! I suck heaps I know! I have never been so stressed in my entire life, school absoutley killed me. I've been close to having a break down, but anyway school is almost over, and next week you guys will have WAY more consistency, if I can build up enough posts then I can hopefully posts everyday next week...again thats a maybe but I'll try my hardest! I honestly hope I havent lost any readers since by break and I promise to my loyal readers I will do my best to make you love me again ;) I hope everyone has had a safe and happy October + beginning of November! I've missed writing heaps!

Everybody left me and George’s house about midday we all had lunch together, it was really lovely, I can’t wait for our families to meet each other, I think that most of them will get along really well. Chelsea promised me we’d meet in the city one day this week for lunch, so that will be lovely. Nathan went to see Lesley, Brad and Martine before they left, and apparently it was very awkward with Martine, poor Nathan it doesn’t look like that particular relationship will be fully healed for some time.

So I was having a fairly lazy Sunday after everyone left and I got a mysterious email from Leigh from work, it was a link to dish the dirt with a message that said “Call my if you want to talk honey,”, Leigh isn’t really the ‘send the celebrity gossip link to a friend’ kind of girl so I was immediately concerned.

I clicked on the link and was faced with an entire 1000 word story about me. There were photos to accompany the article and it was less than a flattering image portrayed.

“Paris Lorre well your time has finally come; the little minx and her boyfriend Nathan Luken are apparently on the rocks, yuck. Poor girl, finally introduced to the high life and it’s about to be snatched away from her. Nathans friends were supposably less than thrilled when they met the young journalist, since then Nathan has been trying to distance himself...”

That was followed by a photo of Nathan and I hugging in the street and him breaking away looking angry (this was a joke at the time because we wouldn’t be seeing each other on the weekend, he was angry we had to leave not because we were ‘on the rocks’...).

“Paris’ roommate –who has chosen to be unnamed in this article- told Dish the Dirt that Paris was doing anything to keep Nathan interested, including very loud all night sexy times, Paris’ roommate also said that Nathan was continuously flirty with the her and was even bold enough to try to kiss her, she ignored it to attempt to keep a friendship with Paris intact.”

This was followed by a photo of Nathan and I after his game, when we were talking in the little corner, his hands were resting just above my ass, and we were just breaking from the kiss, the next photo was Nathan being tackled by his friends and me watching from the side, smiling. This was obviously trying to enhance the magazines point that his friends don’t like me.

“It’s a shame; we really thought that this simple girl could finally tame this wild beast of a football player, oh well let’s roll on the next girl who is willing to change herself completely for a boy.”

Followed by a photo of me in track pants with no make-up on going to the gym compared to a photo of me at Nathans first game linking with Georgie, my hair was done in nice curls and I wore simple make-up with a little dress and gladiator sandals.

To say I was shocked was an understatement, the article went on and on about how I wasn’t good enough for Nathan and how surprising it was we lasted this long. This had one persons dirty little finger prints all over it, so I did what I thought I had to do. I paid Audrey a little visit.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Make Up's?

“So you won huh?” I said in lure of hello to Nathan when he called me just after 11pm.

“We won! I’m really happy you were there Paris.” He said quietly.

“Me too.” I replied honestly.

“So can I come over?” He asked carefully.

“...If you want to.” I replied, it’s not that I didn’t want him to come over, it’s just I didn’t want to sound like a broken record and ask when we were going to talk about our ‘issues’, if we didn’t do it straight away then we would probably never do it.

“Don’t sound too excited.” He chuckled.

“I’m sorry, I do want to see you, it’s just a little weird.”I said.

“Weird how?” He asked softly.

“Um well, I guess after our fight there’s a lot that needs to be said.” I answered.

“Ok well what do you want to say?” He asked.

I exhaled loudly; I didn’t really know where this conversation was leading. “So when you went to Melbourne, and that shit happened with Katie, you never really gave an explanation.” I said softly.

“I went to Melbourne with the team; our coaches don’t give us a lot of notice on these sorts of things, especially so close to a season starting and by the time I was told about it you and I were not speaking, I just didn’t know what to say and they took away our phones, but Georgie got in touch with the couch who told me about it and I came home.” He answered honestly.

“Ok.” I replied.

“I was angry Paris, Brett is a complete creep and I tried to tell you that and you didn’t listen, and then I had to hear you tell me about it when he finally showed his true colours and you were surprised, and I didn’t say anything at the time, that’s why it all came out the other night.” Nate said calmly, he wasn’t getting on the defence just explaining his point of view.

“I honestly believed he just wanted to be friends Nate, I would never have put myself in that position had I thought he was after something more.” I said.

“...I wasn’t sure I believed that before but I know you Paris and I know you wouldn’t intentionally out yourself in that place.” He said.
We were silent for a while before I started talking.

“So why didn’t you want me there today?” I asked.

“I don’t know a weird supposition that I have, I usually only have family at the first game, and I didn’t know how to tell you without sounding like a prick.” He said.

“You know you would have sounded like way less of a prick if you’d just told me, if you’d told me I would have been fine to cheer you on from home if that’s what you wanted.” I said.

He sighed, “I know, and every time I got close I just couldn’t.”

“Ok, well in future let’s just be honest with each other, I don’t want you to keep things from me because you’re scared of my reaction.” I said a few tears escaping my eyes.

“Ok, deal honesty.” He said.

“If you still wanna come over you ca-, sorry, hold on the door bell is ringing.” I said and made my way to the front door wiping my tears.
Nate was at my door, his phone in hand and some flowers in the other. I pulled him inside and kissed him, we didn’t speak he just wiped my tears away and pulled me close against him.

“I love you Paris Lorre and I couldn’t imagine not being with you.” He whispered in my ear, as he picked me up off the ground and carried me to my room.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Authors Note

Hey everyone,

I'm really sorry for last week, if I'm being honest I had absoutley no motivation to write and I just couldn't. I'm not going to have a posting schedule for the next couple of weeks, my end of year exams are coming up and I need to focus all my attention on doing well in those! I promise after the next two weeks school will be over and posting will return to more, I will also probably have LOTS of bonus posts to make up for my irregular posting!

I hope I still have reader! :) I really appreciate all the support I've been given over the last 4 months of blogging and I hope I still have you all reading and enjoying the story.


Love you all

Amy :D

P.S Should be a new post tomorrow! ;)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Authors Note

Hey everyone,

Just a little update! I'm suffering writers block, blah. So I'm not sure when the next post will be up, it shouldnt be to long! :( Sorry for the inconvience, I've been trying to write most of the day and I just cant! So I'm going to have a little break...Again it wont be too long, Ill post it as soon as I finish.

Hmmm what else? Melbourne Cup today, VERY big deal over here, do you guys no what it is? Is it publicised over where you live?

Alrighty well Ill chat to everyone soon! :D

*P.s theres a post below...



Round 1 - The Win

Nathan played an AMAZING game, he looked so good on the field, throwing the ball and kicking it, they won by a mile, so it wasn’t an overly exciting game, from the first quarter everyone could tell that the Eagles were going to win. Seeing as there was no tension with the game apparently the crowd soaked it up, and by the crowd I mean Martine.

As soon as I walked up with Chelsea, Jake and Georgie (Belle and Matt took a little longer to get ready, they were meeting us later) awkwardness filled the air.

“Hello everyone, I didn’t think you were coming Paris.” Martine said.

“Nope, Nathan called me this morning, I changed my plans.” I said and suddenly Lesley wrapped me up in a tight hug.

“You look beautiful Paris, I’m so glad you made it.”She said genuinely.

“Chelsea what’s wrong you look sick my dear.” Lesley said as she enveloped her, Martine stood up for the side watching the scene play out in front of her.

“Bit of a hangover is all.” She laughed.

“Really Chelsea? It’s your brother’s big day you shouldn’t have been selfish.” Martine chimed in.

“Mum you know Nathans had heaps of big days, I had a good night with everyone.”

“Hmm well I just think perhaps you could have been a little bit more sensitive, you know how nervous he gets.” She said.

“Well I’m bloody well here aren’t I?” She said quickly and falling back in line with me Georgie and Jake, he still had barely acknowledged his mothers presence.

“Now Georgie you’ve done something different with your hair?” Lesley asked fingering Georgie lighter locks.

“Yeah I have, it’s a nice change.” She replied.

“Hmm blonde is a lot of maintenance.” Martine again chimed in; she was even more negative than normal.

“Well I think it looks lovely, we going in?” I interrupted and linked arms with Georgie as we led everyone into the stadium.

Suddenly I became aware of somebody snapping pictures of me.

“What is he doing?” I asked Georgie.

“Welcome to a wag world.” The man snapping the pictures said as he winked
and started backing away.

“What the hell was that?” Chelsea said as she ran up behind me.

“Some pap wanted a photo of Paris.” Georgie laughed.

“Eww, I don’t want a photo of me! I’m SO not a wag, why do people keep saying that to me!” I moaned.

“Well maybe you should have thought about not wanting the wag status before you started dating a football player.” Martine added from behind.

“But then we wouldn’t have her lovely company.” Lesley added gosh she was good at turning a negative comment into a positive.

Soon we were all wedged into the seats in the VIP stand, well not wedged I’m not going to lie the seats were lovely, we were in the important area. The stadium took my breath away, I hadn’t been to a football game in a VERY long time, the sun beat down and there were soooo many people! All had different team jerseys, and people were milling around attempting to find their seats. The VIP apparently usually just housed girlfriends/wives/children that hang but it was a special day for the first game, so it was jam packed with club officials and the owners and stuff I was so busy trying to take in all the famous faces that surrounded me then the bell sounded to signify the beginning of the game...

It began with the Australian anthem all the players looking extremely reverent, it was hard to imagine in just mere minutes both teams would begin to play as hard as possible to win. To be honest looking at Nathan on the field was mesmerizing, he looked so in control and his team was listening to him, he got tackled a couple of times I have never felt so protective over someone, we obviously still needed to talk about our fight but I finally realised how important this boy was to me and how hard it was to watch someone you love being beaten down (even if he was getting up seconds later ready for round 2).

“So are you ok?” I asked Jake carefully; ever since we got to the stadium he was in a terrible mood.

“Hmmm, just a little weird with mum.” He answered watching the field with serious concentration.

“Wanna talk about it?” I asked as casually as I could muster, he shook his head and gave me an affectionate pat on the back.

About half an hour after the game ended the boys came out into the VIP area, the temporary walls were removed and the space became huge, waiters appeared and the music started playing. Nathan came over to our little group; we were being a little anti-social only because every time Georgie, Chelsea or me saw someone even mildly famous we’d let out a little squeal and ‘subtly’ point them out.

Nathans arms were soon wrapping themselves around me from behind, I turned around and he pulled me close,

“Thank you.” Was all he whispered in my ear, cue extremely weak knees I didn’t care that his family was watching at that point, I gave him a congratulations kiss, he looked extremely delighted.

“GOOD GAME!” Chelsea and Georgie screamed together and wrapped in up in a group hug, Jake, Brad and Matt gave him a pat on the back, Belle gave him a kiss on the cheek, Lesley wrapped him up in big hug, then it was time for Martine they awkwardly hugged, obviously there was still some tension between them.

“Ok so we’re going to take you all out for dinner, I know you probably want to go out later Nathan with the boys but can we just have you for dinner?” Lesley asked Brad’s arm tight around her waist.

“I would love to come out for dinner, we just have to stay here for a bit longer, they are going to have some speeches and junk and then I’m free.” Nathan smiled in my direction.

“Good, good...” Brad added his face lit up when he saw any of the players; it was obvious his fantasy was coming true.
I realised it was probably time for me to leave, I was only there to support Nathan, we still needed to talk, I wasn’t prepared to just let this issue get swept under the rug.

“Ok guys, I think I better go.” I smiled, instantly Martine looked relieved.

I was met with lots of protests from Lesley, Brad, Georgie, Chelsea, Belle and Matt (Who only arrived just before the game started). Nathan just watched me, as I gave everyone hugs with promises to see them all for breakfasts tomorrow...Nathan grabbed my hand and led me outside.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come for dinner?” He asked as we found a little corner hidden away.

“No, I mean I want to but I shouldn’t, but babe I’m really proud of you.” I said.

“I didn’t mean what I said you know, I just got on the defence, and I was a complete ass.” He said.

“You weren’t the only ass in the room, I shouldn’t have brought up your family stuff, I had absolutely no right.” I said looking down; his finger gently pushed my chin so we were eye level.

“I’m not going to lie it was hard to hear, but you were completely right. I -,” he was cut off, a couple of his teammates practically tackling him to the ground and pushing him inside, he managed a quick kiss and a promise to call me later before they literally picked him up and dragged him inside.