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Monday, August 30, 2010

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Tales of Woe

I got home at 4.30pm, Zoe picked me up and we decided to go for coffee.

“So how was the weekend?” Zoe asked excitedly, while waiting for our cappuccinos.

I don’t know why but tears suddenly streamed down my face. I hadn’t had that bad of a time, it was just...I don’t know, It just didn’t go the way I had hoped.

“Paris, what’s wrong? What happened?” She asked concern painting her face.
So I told her the long tale of my weekend and the tears eventually dried up.

“Oh sweetie that horrible, I’m so sorry. At least the rest of the family was cool.”

“I know, and I don’t want to make it out like it was all bad, because it wasn’t. Actually something pretty amazing happened...Nathan said I LOVE YOU!” I beamed.

“NO, Oh gosh that’s awesome! Oh you guys are so cute together! Did you say it back?” Zoe said genuinely excited for me. At my nod she let out a high pitched squeal.

Just then my mobile rang, “Sorry its Nate, I have to get it. I forgot to call him!” I said.

“Hey Nate.” My voice cracked a little from all the crying I had done earlier.

“Hey you ok?” He asked.

“Yeah I am fine. Zoe picked me up and we are just grabbing coffee.” I said trying to sound happy.

He didn’t seem to convinced, “Oh ok, I was just calling to make sure you got in ok. But I will just chat to you later I guess.”

“Hey wait, are you ok?”

“Yep...”He answered.

“Ok well call me tonight before you go to sleep ok?” I asked.

“Alright well I’ll talk to you then.” He said hanging up.

I got off the phone and Zoe and I chatted easily. I was just getting out of the car, when Zoe stopped me.

“Hey Paris, do you think it’s weird Mark and I haven’t exchanged I love you’s yet?”

“No, everyone moves at a different pace Zoe. I’m sure his nearly there.” I said. She smiled seemingly satisfied at my answer, and I asked her to call me tomorrow.

Oh and Nathan didn’t call me that night, I tried calling him but he didn’t answer. I couldn’t help it worry flooded through me.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sometimes Goodbye is the Only Way

“There you guys are.” Georgie said, back to her normal self, at least from the outside. Anybody could see from her red and swollen eyes she was sad.

“You ok Georgie?” I asked gently. Then a fresh batch of tears threatened to spill over. I gave her a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek and she smiled at me.

“So what happened?” Jake asked sighing and lighting up a new cigarette. All 3 of us were sitting on the balcony.

“Names were thrown around; she blamed us kids for her problems. The usual.” She answered jadedly.

I realised they probably wanted to talk alone, about this secret they were all carrying. So I walked inside to find Nathan. He and Chelsea had yet to move, but I looked outside and Lesley was yelling at Martine.

“Hey.” I said sitting back down at the table.

“Hey...God what a horrible weekend.” Nate said.

“I get it. Every family has drama and shitty times. This is just a hard time for all of you.” I said and Chelsea laughed sarcastically.

“Paris every day is a crappy day when we’re around her. Nothing but shitty times.” She said and smiled apologetically at me, I returned the smile.

“Nate, I think maybe I should go. I mean obviously there is some family stuff that needs to be worked out. I can just get the train back.” I said.

“No, I am coming home too. Will just drive back together.” He said.

“I think maybe you should stay. Try to have a normal chat with your mum, as long as the rest of the family is here.” I said and Chelsea agreed, “Nathan you know she’s right. This needs to be sorted out while all of us are here.”

“I agree, but I am not letting you get the train home.” He said.

“Trains are fine. Seriously ill be home in two hours. You CAN drive me to the train station though.” I said.

He let out a loud sigh and I knew I would get my way, “Fine...trains come every hour so ill drive you.” He said pulling me in for a hug. I ran upstairs to pack my bags up and just get out. It had been an ok weekend, yesterday was amazing but I knew that I needed to go, so they could sort stuff out.

I said my goodbyes to everyone, and they all told me how much they liked me. Lesley gave me an extra tight hug and Jake too. Georgie told me she would see me in the city. Chelsea whispered thank you in my ear, I’m pretty sure it was for convincing Nate to stay a little longer.

We were sitting in Nate’s car waiting for the train, the silence was deafening.
“Are you ok?” I asked, he was unusually quiet and I knew he was upset but I wanted to know if there was anything I could do.

“I feel horrible, you’re just getting on a train home and you’ve had a crap weekend and argh I don’t know...” He said, not looking at me.

“Hey, it wasn’t bad. I loved your family and the wedding was amazing, and I understand that you need time with them Nate. I know you don’t want to talk about it, but it looks like the issues run pretty deep with all of you guys.” I said.

He shook his head at me, “God you’re amazing you know that, I...if this happened when Katie was around, well it would have been a million times worse.” He said. I don’t know why but I felt a little pang of jealousy, why did Nathans mum hate me so much? When she apparently just adored Kate... I obviously didn’t let Nathan see this or it would have made him actually feel a million times worse.

So I just kissed him and for the third time he told me he loved me.

The train pulled up soon after, and I left Nathan with a promise to call him when I get home and a quick kiss.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Morning after the Night Before

I woke up in Nathans arms, just after 10 am the day after the wedding. He was still asleep and I was just replaying last night in my head. We got home around 1am, and went straight to bed. Lesley showed us where we are sleeping. The house was a beautiful two storey house; it had hardwood floors, and balconies that wrapped around the entire houses two levels and bushland as a backdrop.

“And you Nathan will be sleeping in here and Paris you’ll just down the hall.” She joked. I laughed.

“Ha, ha.”Nathan said sarcastically. I hit him playfully on the arm. Lesley chuckled.

“Ok well Nathan you know where everything is, so you can just show Paris.”

“Thanks heaps for having us Lesley.” I said.

“Hey no worries, we love having people here.” She smiled.

Nathan and I walked into the room and it took my breath away. It was a 4 poster bed, with white lace curtains around the frame, it was beautiful and the moon was shining through the window onto the hardwood floors. This house had lots of character and warmth; it was the house I could imagine Nathan growing up in. His mother’s house was cold from the inside out.

“Oh...This is so beautiful!” I said while touching the curtains.

“Yeah, it’s pretty nice.” Nathan said intently watching my fingers on the curtains.

“Nate, why didn’t you tell me you lived here growing up?” I asked.

He sighed loudly but he wasn’t angry, “It just didn’t come up, I...mum and I had problems lots and lots of problems Paris. So Lesley said I could stay with her, and I did.”He looked sad.

“I’m sorry Nate, you don’t have to tell me...I just want you to know, that you can talk to me about this, if you want too.” I said wrapping my arms around him.

He gulped repeatedly before speaking, “I can talk to you Paris. It’s just hard. There’s a lot...”He stopped talking before he finished his thought.

“It’s ok Nate.” I said kissing him. He kissed me back, and led my over to the bed.

We both got lost in each other after that. His hands travelled the length of my body over and over again, and his lips only left mine once to tell me he loved me...I don’t think he realises how special he is.

Nathan woke up about 15 minutes later and pulled me in for a kiss.

“Morning beautiful, how’d you sleep?”He asked.

“Actually it was the best sleep I have had in ages.” I answered honestly.

“Me too.” Nate said.

“Hmmm ok let’s get up, can you show me where the shower is?” I said.

“The shower is just there, that door.” He said as he pointed to the other side of the room.

I shook my head, “No...Can you show me?”I smiled.

He chuckled softly before untangling himself from the sheet and dragging me to the bathroom.

Nate and I walked down the stairs about half an hour later laughing at some stupid joke from the best man speech at the wedding.

“Hello you two, nice of you to join us in the world of the living.” Lesley said.

“Sorry, we were tired.”Nate said smiling at me.

“Yeah sure...”Lesley said with a knowing smile that made me go bright red, and Nathan cough loudly.

“Well Brad’s making breakfast and your mum, Belle and Matt, Georgie, Chelsea, Jake, West and Uncle John are coming over.” Lesley said, counting everyone on her fingers.

“Oh cool. Well I guess you’ll get a chance to meet everyone then.” Nathan said to me.

I smiled, “Guess so, I think I’m going to go see if Brad needs any help.” I said.

“Morning Brad, did you need any help?” I offered.

“Oh hello Paris, I would LOVE some help. Can you make scrambled eggs?” He asked.

“I can certainly try.” I smiled.

Half an hour later we were all sitting around the table, I was wedged between Nate and Georgie. Everyone was having a really nice time. Chelsea was nice but a little closed off just like Georgie said. Jake was a little serious but friendly. It was going well and Martine was keeping her distance. The newlyweds looked so happy, Matt was absolutely smitten with her, he looked at her like she was the only girl in the world. And then Martine decided to change the subject.

“Well this is lovely isn’t it? All the family together, oh and Paris of course.” Martine said. I felt Nate tense up, like he knew trouble was coming, I rubbed his leg under the table and gave him a smile, as if to say it’s all fine.

“It is lovely isn’t it?”Lesley said casually.

“So football season starts soon Nathan doesn’t it?” Brad asked, it’s like everybody knew when trouble was brewing and they all took on the appropriate roles to diffuse the situation.

“Sure does, I have training on Tuesday.”

“Oh well, won’t be able to have so much fun with Paris then?” Martine chimed in.

“Nope probably not, but will make time.”Nate said his voice light but his body was tense.

“Hmmm I’m sure you will.” She said angrily. At this point everyone had turned their attention to the intense conversation going on.

“Ok so who wants some more orange juice?” Chelsea asked, a few people said yes and the cups were passed around.

“So are you both planning to stay another night still?” Lesley asked Nathan and me.

“Yep if that was ok.” Nate answered.

“No worries. Happy to have you!” Lesley smiled.

“Oh so none of you are not going to stay with me tonight?” She asked her question directed at Nate, Chelsea, Georgie and Jake.

“Mum why would we? You treat us like crap for most of our lives and then you treat Paris like a stupid slut that’s just after Nathan’s money. WHY THE HELL WOULD WE?” Georgie screamed. I had definitely never seen her angry and it seemed like most of the table was shocked too.

“Don’t you ever speak to me like that. How dare you?” Martine yelled back. At this point the table cleared, Lesley grabbed my shoulder and we walked outside, followed by the rest of the family besides Georgie, Nate and Chelsea.

Jake grabbed my hand and steered me towards the garden. “Paris...I’m sorry, she...we’ve all been through a lot with her.” He looked exactly like Nate looked last night, extremely vulnerable and sad.

“It’s fine. Every family has baggage I suppose. I don’t know exactly what happened with all you kids and your mum but I’m sorry.” I said patting him on the back, while he lit up a cigarette.

“Stress smoking only.” He smiled.

We chatted easily for about 15 minutes, just sitting in the garden looking out at the bushland. Then we heard Georgie calling us up to the house, while we were walking back he said,

“Your good for Nathan, I can see why he likes you.” I smiled back at him and realised that all of family (besides his mum) were really genuine and kind.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Wedding Day

Georgie and I walked into the house to the bride’s house and heard a woman screaming and crying at the top of her lungs.

“Calm down sweetie it’s not that bad.” A woman said, I knew was Leslie immediately; I don’t know why I just knew.

“MUM it’s horrible, I look like a poodle!” The bride screamed.

“Hello.” Georgie knocked cautiously on the door of the room they were in.

“Georgie! I’m so happy you came, God you look beautiful. Your hair looks amazing.”Leslie said, which started a fresh batch of tears from the bride.

“Hey Belle, what’s wrong?” Georgie asked tentatively.

“My hair, look at it. I can’t let Matt see me like this.” Belle said crying and then she spotted me.

“Hi, I’m sorry you have to meet me like this, I’m Belle.” She said kindly.

“Hi, I’m Paris. Seriously it doesn’t look bad.” I said.

“Your Paris, wow you’re beautiful.” Leslie said kindly.

“Thank you. You must Leslie?” I said with a big smile.

“I am. I hear you have had a quite a time with my dear sister.” She asked.

I laughed and shook my head, “Yeah I have.” Leslie gave me a sympathetic smile and a look that said we will talk about it later. We turned out attention to Belle and Georgie.

“Georgie, who did your hair? I love it. That what I wanted the stupid hair dresser.” Belle asked.

“Uh well Paris did actually.” Georgie said looking at me.

“Paris? Please can you fix my hair? Please.” Belle asked virtually begging me, a fresh batch of tears threatening to spill over.

“Yeah of course, but you have to stop crying. It’s your wedding day, and I am sure your fiancĂ©e will think your beautiful even if you wear a garbage bag.” I said.

“Ok, I’m done.” She said laughing, her straight white teeth and her deep green eyes shining.

“Oh thank god.” Leslie said laughing. “Come on Georgie; help me finish the wedding favours.”

So I fixed her hair and we chatted easily, just as I was fixing her fringe she talked a little more seriously.

“So you and Nathan hey?” Belle asked.

“Yeah, me and Nathan.” I smiled.

“So you like him a lot?” She asked.

“I do, he is such a good guy.”

“Ok so I’m just going to get the awkward talk out of the way, blah, blah if you hurt him Ill hurt you...blah, blah, blah.”She smiled.

I laughed, “Don’t worry I promise I won’t hurt him. So you guys are close then?” I asked, trying to more information, Nathan only tells me the must know about his family and I wanted to know more.

“Well yeah, he lived with us for a lot of his teenager years. Didn’t he tell about this?”

“No he didn’t, he tends to be kind of...closed off about his family. I mean he told me all about your mum, dad, you, Georgie and Jake and Chelsea but that’s it really."

“Yeah that sounds like him. But you did meet his mum yesterday didn’t you?” She asked.

“I did, she was...she really doesn’t like me.” I said.

“That’s Martine. Look Paris don’t worry yourself to much about her, that’s who she is unfortunately.”

“Hmm I know. Anyway this is your day, so do you like your hair?” I asked.
She looked like she was about to cry again. “I love it, seriously. Thank you so much.” She smiled a genuine smile, and soon was enveloped in hugs by her bride’s maids who had just arrived.

The ceremony was beautiful and the bride was blushing, she wore this ballroom type dress with a fitted bodice and some high blue shoes which could only be seen when she lifted her gown. Her three bride’s maids wore this champagne coloured strapless dresses, they looked lovely too. The ceremony was in this open chapel, near bushland and there was this beautiful waterfall behind the couple streaming away.

The ceremony lasted for about 45 minutes and then we headed to the reception. Nathan and I went in the car with Lesley and Brad, Brad was really lovely very genuine.

“So are you two staying with us tonight?” Lesley asked.

“If that’s ok. Honestly one night with mum was too much.” Nathan said and put his hand on my leg and running it up and down my thigh, this boy didn’t know how much he affected me.

“No worries, Belle and Matt are staying in the hotel near town, and on Monday there going to Tahiti.” Lesley said.

“Oh and Nathan, we have decided we approve of Paris, she saved the day for Belle, she is smart and she is beautiful.” Lesley said.

“Well that’s good, because I kind of like her too.” Nathan said, nudging me gently.

The reception hall was beautiful, high ceilings and a white and gold colour skim. Belle and Matt looked so happy; they were smiling at each other and seemed untouchable and so in love. Soon after the couple’s first dance, I convinced Nate to dance with me. Just as Nate and I made our way to the dance floor and you’ve got the love by Florence and the Machines started playing.

“I don’t think I have told you how beautiful you look tonight.”Nate said with his lips close to my ear.

I smiled, “You look pretty handsome yourself.”I said laying my head on his chest.

“So Lesley and Brad love you, Les pulled me aside and said that you were perfect.”

“Really? Well I’m happy; I like them a lot to. I haven’t had a chance to meet your sister or brother yet.”

“I think Chelsea is staying at Lesley’s tonight too. But you can meet Jake tomorrow.”He said.

We danced for the rest of the song Nathan holding me as we could get to each other and for that song nothing else mattered.



“I...I love you.” He said, I looked up at him and he met my eyes for a second before looking away.

“Really?” I asked quietly.

I felt him gulp, at my response “Yes.”His voice was barely a whisper.

“Well that’s good. Because I love you too.” Relief flooded his body, and I felt him melt into me again. I pulled him down and he kissed me and it was one of the best kisses I have had experienced, so deep and arghhhh it was just amazing...

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Breakfast was awkward at best. I came downstairs about ten minutes later, I walked into the kitchen and it was evident that tension filled the air. It was also evident that I was the cause of the tension.

“Hey, how’d you sleep?” Nathan asked, obviously pretending we hadn’t seen each other less than 10 minutes ago.

“Not bad, what about you?” I said with a smile.


“Morning Paris.” Nathans mum said barely looking up from her paper.

“Martine, would you like anymore coffee? Oh good morning you must be Paris?” Said a friendly looking man.

“Paris, this is West, my step-dad.” Nathan said, he forgot to mention his step-dad to me before, and so had Georgie...hmm.

“Hello, lovely to meet you.” I said smiling warmly at him, and he gave me a look I couldn’t decipher.

“So coffee Paris?” West asked. I nodded and Martine shot me a dirty look.

“So Paris what exactly do you do?” Martine asked.

“I work at Radiance magazine, I am an assistant for the editor but soon I start working as the beauty editor.” I smiled.

“Oh, is that the magazine all about sex?” She asked eyeing me up and down.

“Uh...well no, there are a lot of other things in there.”

“Hmm, so you think that somebody dating a footballer should be writing sex articles?” She said her voice full of hate.

“Mum –” Nathan said harshly.
“No Nathan, I want to hear what she has to say.” I said, I couldn’t help it, I hated confrontation but I wasn’t about to let her walk all over me.

“Well I am just saying, my son is in the public eye enough without you trying to gain material for stories, and I definitely wouldn’t want his contract to be put in jeopardy because his girlfriend couldn’t keep her mouth shut.”She said with a defiant smile.

“That is not an issue. And to be honest I don’t really like what you’re implying. My career is for me, it has nothing to do with Nathan...” I said honestly.

“Look love,” she said patronisingly “I just don’t want my son to used.”

“Well then, you have nothing to worry about, because he is not getting used by me...” I said I couldn’t help it. This woman really ruffled my feathers and I wasn’t about to be spoken to like I was some fame hungry whore. Not after last night.

“Ok, ok I think this conversation should end now...”West said.

Martine just walked about of the kitchen, giving me one of the dirtiest looks I have ever seen...

“I’m sorry Nate.” I said, suddenly angry at myself. That was my boyfriend’s mother; I should be at least trying.

“Hey, it’s fine, honestly babe. She deserved it.”He said kissing my forehead.

The rest of breakfast was pretty smooth, and soon me and Georgie were off to the brides house to get ready.

Monday, August 23, 2010

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Wake-up call

I woke up just after 8am, I was super duper excited about the wedding, despite last night’s crappy events. I absolutely LOVE weddings, just the atmosphere is amazing, plus all your family and friends in one place to celebrate your day is pretty amazing. Although I was nervous about spending the day with Nate’s mum I just had to suck it up.

‘Hey, are you awake?’ I texted to Nathan while I was still lying in bed. About a minute later I heard somebody knock on my door.

“Uh, come in.” I said hoping it was Nathan.

“Hey, how did you sleep?”Nathan asked.

“Not bad, you?”

“Didn’t really sleep at all.”He said while climbing into bed with me, and pulling me in for a cuddle.

“Oh no. I’m sorry.”I said while nuzzling into his neck.

“I thought you were going to try to tune into your bitchy side today?” He said smiling.

“Oh right...I will starting from...NOW.” I said pulling him in for a kiss.

“Excited about today?” He said laughing.

“Yesss, except I don’t think you should be in my room...What if your mama catches us?”

“Probably not a great idea, but I don’t want to leave.” He said smiling.

“Hmph, fine. So what time do we have to be there and everything?”

“The wedding starts at like 2.30...but I think you and Georgie are getting ready at Leslie (his aunt) house, with the wedding party and stuff...”

“Oh really, awesome. And what are you doing?” I said excitedly.

“I think I am going to get ready with the groom and his wedding party...”

“Oh ok coolies, I-”Then I heard footsteps coming up the hall way, I had a moment of panic where I thought it was Nathans mum. I know after the way she treated me I should be angry, but I really wanted her to like me. My door opened slightly and I let out a big sigh of relief.

“Hey Georgie.” I said.

“Oh God, you guys aren’t naked or anything are you?” Georgie asked, with her eyes closed.

“No, of course not! Come in.” I said excitedly.

“Ok well Nathan, mums like about to come up...So you may want to go to your room!” She said “And Paris, I’m soooo freakin excited...Hey can you curl hair? Would you do mine!?” She asked talking a mile a minute, like the girl I met yesterday.

“I would love to curl your hair! “ I said laughing.

“Oh cool, and mum has breakfast ready!” She said skipping out of the room. I stood up and Nathan followed.

“Alrighy...I guess I’ll see you down stairs. I’m going to have a really quick shower.” I said kissing Nathan lightly on the lips.

“NO, come here. I should help you; you know you have never had a shower here could get confusing...”He said as he put his hands around my waist, and started kissing my neck.

“Not today baby...First of all your mother doesn’t even want us sleeping in the same room as each other, so clearly she doesn’t want you ‘to show me how a shower works’.” I said using finger quotes.

“Argh, your serious aren’t you?” He asked.

“Yes I am.” I said pushing him towards the bedroom door.

“Oh now you tune into your bitchy side...”He tone light and joking, as I shut the bedroom door on his face, with a big smile.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mums the word...

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As we pulled up to the house, both Nathan and Georgie sighed.

“Ready?” Nathan asked while getting our bags out of the car boot.

“Don’t have much of a choice do I?” I said smiling at him, and then he pulled me in for hug.

“Come on you’ll be fine. She won’t be bad; she’s not mean until she knows you well.” Georgie laughed and gave me wink.

We walked up to the door and rang the bell, soon after his mum opened the door. I could definitely see where Nate and Georgie got their looks, but her face was harder than theirs, a lot more serious.

“Hello, well come here then.” She said pulling them both in for a quick kiss on their cheeks. “And you must be London?” She asked, the question directed at me.

“No mum, this is Paris.” Nathan said.

“Uh well hello, how was the drive then?” She asked, virtually ignoring my presence.

“Fine, it was easy once we got out of Sydney.” Georgie answered.

“Ah good, good. Well come in, I’ll show you to your rooms.” She said dismissively.

I realised I had yet to say a single word...this was not going well.

Georgie was shown her room first, despite the fact they had grown up in the house they were still shown were to go...

“Ok so you’re in here.” She said to no-one in particular. So Nathan walked in and I went to follow, then a hand shot across the door frame to stop me.

“Oh no, you’re not in here. You two will be in separate rooms.” She said harshly.

“Mum-,”Nathan began to protest.

“No Nathan, this girl is a complete stranger to me. You cannot expect me to allow some strange girl to play house with you, certainly not in my home.” She said severely.

“Mum do not talk about Paris like that. She is not some strange girl, why do you always do this?”He was almost yelling, I have never seen him angry before. By this time Georgie had wandered out of her room to see what was going on.

“No Nathan, No. You don’t know this girl; you have only been seeing her just over a month. For all you know she is just after your money or fame. At least Kate already had all of that, you are so naive Nathan.” She yelled back.

“NO mum, you don’t know her!” He was really angry now. They went back and forth for a while until Georgie interrupted.

“HEY, both of you SHUT-UP...Mum stop talking about Paris like she isn’t here, and Nathan what did you expect from her?” Georgie was angry now too, and frankly so was I. I wasn’t given a chance to defend myself, and their mum made assumptions about me that were not true! I was so livid that angry tears threatened to spill over. Instead of crying right there Georgie noticed my reaction and took me to my room, while I assume Nathan and his mum fought some more.

“I’m so sorry Paris, you didn’t deserve that.” Georgie said sympathetically.

“I just didn’t expect it, I...I’m not with Nathan for his money or whatever else she said...”I said confused.

“Oh sweetie, we all know that. She just says things Paris.”

“What the hell was that about Kate?” I asked bewildered.

“She loved Kate, I don’t know...Maybe because they were similar, Kate is not a good person.”

We sat in silence for a few minutes, listening to the hush tones of the argument just down the hall. Soon Georgie left the room I was apparently staying in, and went to attempt to shut them up.

Nathan knocked on the door about ten minutes later, “Hey, are you still talking to me?” He asked cautiously.

“Yeah of course...” I said.

“I’m really sorry about that, she had no right.” He said, sitting next to me on the bed, burying his face into his hands.

“Hey, it’s not your fault...I just wasn’t really expecting it, I don’t want to cause problems Nate.” I said grabbing his hands and placing them in my own.

“To be honest either was I, and you are not causing problems, Paris. This is just who she is. I am so sorry.”

“Please stop apologising. Look tomorrow is the wedding and we all need to attempt to get along. Tomorrow is a new day ok?” I said.

“Ok, I don’t think she is going to let up on us sleeping in the same room. God it’s like where teenagers.”

“Come on, will just play by her rules. Plus it’s only for one night.” I said, standing up and giving him a kiss.

“Paris, you’re being so cool about this. It makes me feel worse.” He said, obviously trying to lighten the mood, but still visibly upset.

“Would it help if I was being a bitch about it?” I asked wrapping my arms around him.


“Ok well I’ll tune into my bitchy side tomorrow, ok?” I said resting my head against his chest.

“Thank you.” He said kissing my forehead.

Suddenly there were three sharp knocks on the door, “Nathan, I don’t care how much you argue you will not be staying the night in there.” She said. Nathan walked out exasperated, and shot me an apologetic look.

Nathans mum was about to walk out after her son but first she coldly added, “I am sorry for how we met Paris. But my opinion still stands until I am proved otherwise.”

“I understand that, but I do really care about your son.” I said, as she shut the door before I had even finished. This was going to be a long weekend.

The Drive

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So the wedding is tomorrow but I thought I should let you all know about the trip up here. Well it went really well, Georgie (Nathans sister) is awesome! Georgie and Nathan are really close in age, so it’s easy to see why they get along so well.
Nate came to my place after I finished work; I packed my bag the night before so I was all ready to go.

“Hey babe ready to go?” He asked using the intercom from the lobby to my apartment.

“Yep, I’m excited! I’ll be right down.” I said.

I was wearing just a boyfriend cardigan, with some dark wash jeans and I slipped on ballet slippers. I wanted to be comfortable for the drive while still looking like I cared.

“Hey.” I said walking towards Nate, he took my bag and give me a kiss.

“Hey, my sister is in the car.”He smiled.

“Argh ok, I’m nervous...”

“Don’t be, Georgie is awesome.”

We walked towards his car, and I saw her. It seemed good looks ran in the family.

“Hey, you must be Paris...It’s so nice to finally meet you. I have been hearing about you forever, seriously since you guys met and before he ‘officially dumped’ Kate...God she was awful, just quietly.” She was talking a mile a minute, but instantly I liked her. She was one of those people who just said it like it was, but what she said wasn’t mean spirited.

“Georgie, shut-up.” Nathan interrupted. “Paris this is Georgie, Georgie Paris.”

“Lovely to meet you, I’ve heard a lot about you too.” I said with a smile.

She grabbed my arm and began talking to me about everything (I mean EVERYTHING) as we got in the car, she offered me the front seat but I was happy in the back.

“I’m so glad you’re not like most of the magazine girls I know. Nathan told me you work at Radiance, that’s awesome. But yeah, I work in TV just as a junior producer and the mag girls I know are nothing like you.”

“Oh well that’s good I guess.” I laughed. “So, TV hey? That’s awesome.”

“Yeah it is, I really like it. I don’t know junior producer doesn’t have too much responsibilities but I still get my say, which honestly is all I’m ready for at this point.” She said honestly.

“I know what you mean...I just got this promotion at work, I wasn’t expecting it but I guess they are kind of desperate...Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m ready for it, but in this industry you just have to take every opportunities you can.” I said.

Poor Nate didn’t get a word in for the first hour of the trip; Georgie and I were just chatting non-stop the whole way. The chatting soon turned to the family I was about to meet.

“So I assume Nathan has given you the talk about our family, who to avoid, who to talk to, who to impress...”Georgie asked.

“Uh briefly...”I answered.

“Ok well you should know our mum isn’t pleasant most of the time...And uncle John will probably try to hit on you, our older sister Chelsea she’s awesome but she will take a little time to warm up to you, don’t take it personally that’s just how she is. Our brother Jake his cool but a little serious sometimes, hmmm who else! Oh Leslie and Brad they are awesome, and they will love you.” She said, I was glad she was telling me all this honestly, I wanted at least basic information on the family.

“Ok so now she’s all caught up can I speak?” Nathan laughed.

“Oh Nate, feeling all left out aren’t you?” Georgie joked.

“I’m sorry babe, but you were right, your sisters awesome.” I said putting my hand on his shoulder, he responded by grabbing it and kissing it. Aww, his so sweet.

“And you were right again Nate, she’s awesome too. Good choice.” She smiled.

The rest of the drive was fun, Nate told me tonight were staying at his mums, but Saturday and Sunday were staying at Leslies, because I have Monday off work.
When we got to their mums home, well my mouth dropped. It was a very modern home and pretty big and sooo darn beautiful. I was wondering how someone that was described as mean by her own children could live in such a warm and friendly house. Then I met her...

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Surprises, Disappointments and Awkwardness...

“Hey, what are you doing here?” I asked with a confused smile on my face.

“Nothing, I was just in the neighbourhood...” Nathan said pulling me for a kiss.

“Well it’s a very nice surprise.” I said kissing him back.

“I have another surprise sister needs a lift up to the wedding, but she’s coming back with my brother, is that cool?”

“Yeah, that’s awesome. It will be nice to meet her before I meet everyone.” I said smiling. “But you know what this means don’t you? No car sex and no surprise bj’s.” I joked.

Nate raised his eyebrows, “Well you know we could try that surprise bj now.” He laughed.

“Ha ha, you are so funny, but no. I have to show you my dress and we have to talk about your sister!”

“Oh great...”He said sarcastically, with a smile.

I showed him my dress, which he loved he said the shoes really compliment the outfit...I teased him for that, and he just stuck his tongue at me.

Nathan and I were cuddling in my bed after he helped me take off my wedding outfit and just talking about the wedding and what to expect.

“So practice starts on the Tuesday after we get back...” Nate said.

“Oh really.” I replied, unable to hide the disappointment in my voice.

“Hey, you know where going to be fine. I you a lot Paris...”He said stumbling over his last words.

We both knew what he was about to say. I didn’t know what to do, I knew that I was getting close to saying it the L-word but I wasn’t quite there yet. So I just pretended it didn’t happen.

“I...I like you a lot too.” It was now very awkward. “So uh, what pre-game rituals do you have?” I asked smiling, trying to lighten the mood.

“Uh well, obviously you can’t drink the night before, and when we have big games we have to stay in a hotel and have a curfew, you can’t track attention to yourself like you can’t do interviews without the clubs permission....”

“Pretty standard, but I meant what do YOU do? Do you have like lucky underwear or socks or something?” I asked smiling at him.

“I do have lucky socks, but I only wear them before the game, because I don’t wash them. I change into any socks like 5 minutes before the actual game, and I don’t uh...have sex 24 hours before a game and I don’t...uh help myself out 12 hours before a game.” He laughed.

“Very precise Nate, I’m sure I could change your mind if I wanted too.”I giggled.

“I’m pretty sure you could do too, but you wouldn’t because I would totally blame you if we lost.” He joked.

“Well I won’t be trying that then!” I said lightly kissing him on the lips. “So your sister? Is she nice or should I be afraid?”

“I know you’re not meant to say this, but I’m probably the closest too her. She is just really kind-hearted.”

“Oh good, I can’t wait to meet her! But I’m really nervous...” I said fiddling with the sheet that was draped over us.

“I know what I said about my mum made you nervous, but seriously Paris everybody will love you.”

“Ok if you say so...” I said sceptically.

Monday, August 16, 2010


With the wedding less than a week away, me and Zoe went shopping AGAIN to try to find a dress.

“I am not going to find anything! I might as well just go naked Zoe!” I said desperately.

“I’m sure that will make a great impression on his mum.” She said laughing.

“Oh God Zo, that’s another thing. He said that his mum ‘isn’t nice’.” I said with finger quotes.

“Really? Shit you’re in trouble!”

“You think? Argh, mums usually like me!” I said frowning.

“Well, I have never known anyone to say their own mother isn’t nice. Unless there is bad blood there.”

“I’m scared Zoe. I really like him; I want his family to like me...”

“Sweetie they will. I mean you’re beautiful, smart, have a good job; you’re not after Nathan for his money or his fame.”

“Oh that was so sweet! So what about you and Mark?”

“Mark is good, his pretty busy with work at the moment though.” She said, sounding a little disappointed.

“Oh no, when are you guys seeing each other again?”

“Tonight, I hope he doesn’t cancel. His been really stressed.”

“He won’t Zo, you guys are good together. Mark is awesome for you.”

“I know, argh! Come on look at this dress.” She said picking up this beautiful, above the knee dress.

I tried it on and I immediately knew this was THE DRESS. It was a shapeless deep blue dress, I wasn’t sure if it could be too casual but I knew I could dress it up with jewellery. Then I found the perfect pair of shoes, they were black high heel lace-ups.

I walked out of my room to show Zoe the final product.

“Oh my God, you look beautiful. Seriously Nathan is going to die when he sees you in that dress.”

“Really, are you sure it’s wedding appropriate?” I asked worried, I had to make a good impression.

“It is honestly, you look soooo hot...” She said, giving me a suggestive wink and laughing.

“Ok, well if his family hates me, I’m blaming you.” I said while shutting my bedroom door to get changed.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Meet and Greet

“PARIS...Nathan is here! Answer the door!” Grace bellowed from my room where she was staying.

“I know! I am coming.” I yelled back.

I ran to the door in my silver sparkly dress that I didn’t actually wear the night Nathan and I had sex for the first time, and I wanted to show it off.

“Hey, hmm you look nice.” I said as I opened the door, he was wearing a nice trendy blue shirt, and some light wash jeans.

“The same could be said about you...have I seen that dress before?” He asked casually.

“You have...briefly.” I said giving him a look.

“Oh I remember.” He said pulling me in for a kiss.

We made out like teenagers for about 2 minutes before I was snapped back into reality.

“Uh Paris?” Grace said.

Nathan’s face was deer-caught-in-headlights, I am pretty sure my face matched his.

“Hi, you must be Grace. I’m uh Nathan.” He said stepping forward.

“Hi...I’m so happy to meet you. Seriously can’t wait for the footy season to start...Your team is expected to make it too the top ten.”

“Nice to meet you to, I can’t wait either, getting pretty boring at home you know.” He said with a smile.

“Ok, everybody ready to go? We got dinner reservations in like 15 minutes.” I said.
Dinner was nice, there were no awkward silences. Although the waitress was flirting like mad with Nathan AGAIN, hmph. Anyway, we all fun and talked and Nathan was asked had question after question from Grace and Simon.

“You guys don’t feel bad, seriously just take my bed. I’m not going to have my pregnant sister sleeping on the pull-out.” I said.

“Fine, but I’m buying you both breakfast tomorrow.” Grace said, sticking out her tongue and walking into my room, closing the door.

“Please stay tonight, it will be like a little sleepover.” I asked.

“Ok as long as we can have a naked pillow fight.” He said, his tone teasing.

“Well it wouldn’t be a real sleepover without a naked pillow fight.”

Breakfast went well and Nate and I said goodbye to them. I got a little teary as they left and Nathan pulled me into a big hug and kissed my forehead, and told me it will be ok. I know I have said this a lot but God this boy is sweet.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Sorry for the really short post! I wrote this post in a hurry, because I just found out my brother’s son was born today! Wooohoo! I’m an aunt for the third time. Oh and I will have an extra post this week, either Saturday or Sunday so watch out.

Grace and Simon decided to come up to Sydney for the night. Grace was getting really big, and she was getting very sick of being pregnant. I think Simon is getting sick of it to; she was pretty moody with him,but he just takes it, his really excited to be a dad. I really couldn't’t decide if I should invite Nathan for dinner of not, but Grace REALLY wanted to meet him, so I decided just to ask him.

“Hey babe, how are you?”I asked.

“I am so freakin’ bored!” He groaned. “Tell me your home soon to distract me for a while.”

“I will be, but there is something I wanted to ask you...But just tell me if you don’t want to, ok. Seriously no press-” I was rambling.

“Paris, what is it?” He asked gently.

“Did you want to maybe come to dinner with my sister and her husband she’s in town for the weekend?” I asked.

“You were nervous to ask me that? Of course I will come to dinner.”

“Like you weren’t nervous to ask me to the wedding.” I scoffed.

“Fair enough, I was nervous. Happy?” He laughed.

“I am, thank you, ok I have got to get back to work, but did you want to meet at my apartment at like 7?

“7 is good. I’ll cya then?

“See ya then.”

I got home just after 6 and told Grace that Nathan was coming; she scolded me for not telling her earlier. She started running around the house getting ready, leaving a mess in her path. Simon started getting nervous, because he is meeting ‘somebody famous’. I really hope this goes well; I have to go get ready, because I think I just heard a knock at the door.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I practically dragged Audrey shopping with me today; it had been a couple of days since Nate asked me to the wedding and I needed to start looking for a dress for the wedding and a couple of nice outfits for the weekend. So we headed to down to the Australian version of Rodeo Drive, George Street and got shopping. It was pretty successful, I got a new pair of skinny jeans and a really nice jacket...I didn’t find the dress but Audrey agreed to come again and help me find the perfect dress.

We decided to eat in the city, this really nice pizza place the slices were massive but we were hungry.

“So I have been pretty absent lately, what’s been going on?” I asked, my mouth full of delicious cheese pizza.

“Not much really, just busy with work.”

“Oh, so know new boys on the scene?” I asked smiling at her, of course there was a boy, Audrey always had a new boy.

“Nope, riding solo. I don’t really mind, I always have guys on the brain. It’s awesome focusing on work for once.” She said, seeming genuinely happy.

“Well I’m proud of you.” I said truthfully.

“Soo what about you and Nathan? It looks like things are heating up! Meeting his family already?”

“Yeah I know, but he is seriously a great guy. His really genuine and funny and sweet. Just really awesome to hang out with. We’re having lots of fun.” I said.

“I know your having lots of fun...I fricken heard you guys last night, it sounded like you were having fun OVER and OVER again!” She laughed.

I went a deep shade of red, “OMG I thought you were out? I’m so sorry!”

“I was out, I came home...Don’t worry this is your free pass!” She said winking at me.

“Aw God, how embarrassing. Change of subject, please! So work is good?” I asked, slowly coming out of my embarrassment.

She laughed, “Work is really good, I have never been sooo busy, but its worth it...I love it, and they pretty much put me in charge of the website....I mean I’m not getting promoted as fast as you, but hey I’m working hard.” She said a little bitterly.

“Yeah, well remember I interned at Radiance for ages, that’s why I got promoted so fast. But you sound like your enjoying it which is the most important thing.”

“I am enjoying it a lot. Anyway speaking of work, I have to go...I gotta catch up on something’s...Are you coming to or...?”

“I think I’ll keep shopping for a while...See if I can find anything else! But thanks for coming today...” I said cautiously, our conversation had gotten a little awkward and I didn’t want to push her buttons.

“Hey Zoe, I’m on George Street did you want to meet go shopping maybe?” I knew Zoe couldn’t resist shopping.

“Oh what you have surgically removed that very sexy football star from your hip have you?” She laughed.

“Ha, your one to talk...”

“Hmph your right...I’ll be there in like half an hour?” She giggled.

“Ill see you then!” I smiled; Zoe was so easy to be around. I was glad to have a friend like her.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Meet the Family?

I met Nathan last night at a new fusion restaurant, in the middle of the city. After a VERY long day of dealing with Hally. Even though she didn’t want to be in the beauty section of the magazine, she still hated that I was being promoted above her; she made stupid snide comments at the meeting directed towards me and was a general pain in my ass ALL freakin’ day! By the time I got to meet Nate I was less than happy.

“Hey.” I said sneaking up behind him.

“Hey beautiful...You have your cranky face on. What’s up?” Nathan asked with concern.

“I don’t have a cranky face.” I said with a smile “nothing just Hally...”

“Oh, babe wanna talk about it?”

“Nooooooo....I’m done complaining. How was your day?”

“Ehh not bad. I talked to Leslie – my aunt- today, I totally forgot it was my cousins wedding on the 21st of August...Sooo did you maybe uhh wanna to come with me?” He asked, while playing with his napkin.

“Really? I LOVE weddings. I would love to go.” I said smiling and squeezing his hand.

“Well let me tell you, my family is not exactly easy a lot of the time...The wedding is like a two hour drive from the city, so we can drive up on the Friday and stay the weekend if you wanted?”

“Road trip! Yes, I’m excited! Do you think your family will like me?” I asked with a smile.

“Yeah of course they will. But seriously Paris, my mum she’s not really...nice.” He said with hesitation.

“What makes you say that?”

“Nothing, it’s just how she is...She isn’t easy to get along with. But Leslie is great and so is her husband Brad, and of course my brother Jake and my sisters will love you!”

“I’m excited! Thanks for inviting me...Big step meeting the family.” I said with an eyebrow raise and a smile.

“It is...” He said with a grin.

Our conversation was pretty light hearted after that. The dinner was amazing, and we chatted easily and had another great night together.

“So did you want to sleepover?” Nathan asked after dinner.

With my nod we went home together, and had our first really slow, romantic session in the bedroom! Ahhh this boy couldn’t be more perfect...I really hope his family like me.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

My BOYFRIEND and I decided not to hang out tonight, I hadn’t seen my friends for a while and either had he, so we decided to stop neglecting them and have a friend night instead. But not before we met up in the afternoon.

“So, all the hot girls are going to be throwing themselves at you tonight.” I said while he was running his fingers up and down my back.

“You know you're great at ruining a moment.” He said lightly

“Hmm I guess I am. I really don’t want to get out of bed.” I said smiling and cuddling up to Nathan.

“So don’t. We can go out tomorrow.” He said while kissing my neck, he was clearly ready to go again.

“Ha, you know our friends would kill us. Alright I’m getting up, before we get caught in bed for another hour.” I said while attempting to untangle myself from Nathan.

“Come on where already going out, I’m sure we can be a little late...” He said while pulling me back into bed. I relented, and boy I’m glad I did. He is nothing short of amazing in bed.


“Hi ladies, sorry I’m late.” I said while sliding into a booth next to Zoe, Monica (features writer at Radiance), and Yasmine (pregnant, and features editor).

“Hey, what’s different about you? Have you had your hair done?” Zoe asked.

“Nope...” I said with a smile.

“YOU HAD SEX!” Zoe yelled I went bright red as people started looking over at our table.

“Shut up Zoe...” I said in hushed tones.

“You did, didn’t you?” Yasmine added.

“Yes ok I had sex, lots and lots of sex.” I said shamelessly, to Monica’s shocked expression, I barely knew the girl; she was already hearing about my sex life.

“Ahhh...Finally, so was it amazing? Of course it was good, he is sooo hot!” Zoe asked
“It was good, can we stop talking about this now! We aren’t here to talk about boys!” I said with a laugh.

“Fine, but this isn’t the last time we talk about this!” Zoe said with a smile, and by the look in her eye I knew she meant it. We had a great night, we all drank (besides Yasmine), chatted about work and everything.

When I got home Audrey and I stayed up for a while chatting, and watched Pursuit of Happyness! Great movie! I realised I missed Audrey a lot, despite the things she’s done wrong! I vowed to make more of an effort!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


*I am really nervous about this post soo be kind! :P It was kind of rushed to soooo please be nice! :)

I woke up confused for a minute, then I looked too my left and saw Nate. All the memories of last night flooded through me, and I couldn’t help but smile.

Nathan and I were going too dinner at this little Chinese place. I was running really late, and when he came to pick me up I was running around in my pyjama pants and a bra. Exactly seven o’clock the door bell rang, geez this boy was never late.

“Come in, I am sorry I won’t be long.” I yelled while running around the living room.

“No worries, but can I have a kiss first. I missed you last night.” He said shyly.

“You are so cute, I missed you to.” I said while turning the corner to see him.

He gulped repeatedly when he saw me, I looked at him confused, then I remembered what I was wearing and smiled.

“Hi.” I said as I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a kiss.

“Hey, how was work?” He asked.

“Good! Next week I’m starting training for the promotion, anyway sorry I just have to get dressed and fix my makeup, ten minutes tops!” I said while pulling away.

“Don’t worry, we have plenty of time.”

We chatted about our days while I fixed my makeup and got dressed in a silver, sparkly dress; I suddenly became aware of how close Nathan was standing to me.

He slowly started kissing my neck from behind, while I playfully tried to stop him, suddenly something shifted. I turned around and began kissing him while my hands explored his chest. He gently guided me to the bathroom counter and sat me down. It was his turn to explore me; his hands slowly almost teasingly slow reached up my thigh and removed my thong. I pulled off his shirt, leaving a trail of kisses where I had opened the buttons. I then realised we were about to have sex in front of my toilet...Totally unsexy so I led him to my bedroom, and we picked up where we left off. I began to remove his jeans, taking it as slow as he had done to me. I got on my knees and pulled down his boxer briefs, and kissed his thighs while looking up at him, he groaned and I realised I had made him wait long enough. I took the full length (there was a lot of length!!) of his shaft and slowly started sucking on the head of his penis, while gently massaging his balls. I could tell he was getting close as he groaned, and pulled me up. He gently pushed me on my bed and removed my dress and bra; he kissed down my body, only stoping to suck my nipples. His fingers slid down my stomach and dived into my wetness, and ecstasy hit me at full force. I couldn’t wait any longer, “Nathan, please I need you inside of me.” I moaned in his ear. That all it took, he took a condom out and I rolled it on, and soon our bodies were synchronised perfectly. I had never felt such passion with a guy before, it didn’t take long before we had both panting.

“So...What actually happened between you and Katie?” I know it was a bad time to ask but I had to find out.

“Really Paris? We just had amazing sex, and now where cuddling and you want to talk about my ex girlfriend?” He asked with mock annoyance, but I could hear his smile.

“Ok, fine we won’t talk about her then!”

“No, I’ll tell you. So we met up and she just said we had great times together and was I sure I didn’t want to make another go of it? I told her no because I was having fun with you and she cried and we hugged and then I left.” He said matter of fact tone.

“Oh, she wanted you back.” I said in the most casual way I could muster.

“Yes...But Paris I’m happy with you are the only girlfriend I want!”
“Girlfriend hey?” I said lightly.

“Ummm, I don’t know...Do you want to be my girlfriend?” He asked somewhat nervously.

“Of course I wanna be your girlfriend!” I said laughing.

Nate started tickling me, and pinned me down to the bed. Round two started soon after! ;)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Authors Note!

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Sorry for bombarding you with boring stuff, unfortuntley I may not make my usual wednesday post..I will try my hardest, but I have just found out my best friends grandma has passed away. I obviously am going to try to be there for her, and will be attending the funeral...So I will try and finish the post tonight but otherwise check thursday or friday!

Sorry again!

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Authors Note!

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Awkwardness and Opportunities

Nathan and I went out for breakfast the next morning; it was a little awkward...Which is weird for us, we have never really had any uncomfortable silences before, it was definitely the sex issue!

“Ok, so this is weird right? Like awkward weird?” I asked.

“Yeah, a little.” He laughed.

“I am sorry about last night, I didn’t mean for it to be like such a big issue, but it suddenly is.”

“Don’t apologise. Please I...I just don’t want you to regret anything that happens, and you said you weren’t ready, and last night it felt like you were ready but I didn’t want to do anything in case it was just the alcohol, not that you were drunk or stupid-.” He was talking very fast, he looked so nervous and cute.

I cut him off, “It wasn’t the alcohol. I am ready and I have been for ages, I still felt a little weird about all the drama when I said I wasn’t ready...” I smiled.

“I was hoping you would say that.” He smiled.

Awkward silence

“Ok we are NOT planning it though, cause that’s just stupid...Will just let it happen, deal?” I asked.

“Deal.” Nathan smiled.

“Alright well I have to go to; I can’t be late to work.” I got up and kissed him on the cheek, he pulled me back and kissed me again, he is so sweet.

About 12.30 I got called into Minnie’s office, with Zoe. I knew something fishy was going on when I walked in, they were both quiet but excitement filled the air.

“Paris, sit down will you? I called you in here today because I have an offer for you. Yasmine is leaving, she is pregnant. So Zoe is going to move into her position as features editor and I am asking you to move up to the beauty department. Of course being so new, Zoe has agreed to help you for the first three months. And if we don’t think you’re ready to go alone, we will bring someone in from the outside to do the job.” Minnie finished and my mouth was set wide open!

“Are you serious? I haven’t even been working here two months yet! Thank you so much for this opportunity.”

“You know I have always liked you Paris, not many others would have an opportunity like this.” Minnie smiled.

“I know thank you so much! I promise you can count on me!” I was virtually floating on air, I didn’t expect to be give a chance like this is soon!

Zoe and I calmly left the office, and then did a silent happy dance outside Minnie’s door; we heard her chuckle softly before saying “Back to work ladies!”